Game Design Camp

Recently I had the fantastic opportunity to partake in the teaching of an Activities Week camp, specifically the Game Design camp. It was a very tiring but very rewarding experience to see how everyone learned the tools used throughout the week, and we ended up making some fantastic games (some of which I nearly couldn’t believe came from people who, at the start of the week, didn’t know anything about Bitsy as a tool).

It was a very different experience from being on a camp and helped to give me a very unique perspective as to how much effort goes into the camps for Activities Week: from plans for each day to dealing with challenges that came up throughout the week (such as differences with computers and how they handled Bitsy) and ideas that are only just doable! I’d have to say it’s probably my favourite camp I’ve been on, seeing all of the creativity we have here at Woodleigh, and how quick people were to adjust to the limitations of the game engine we were using.

I’m looking forward to seeing what many of these people will create in the future! Special thanks to Mr Donaldson, Ms Farquharson, Mr Peach, and all of the other staff that helped make this wonderful experience possible (including the very patient IT staff).

Year 11