Girl Power in Engineering and IT

Over the winter holidays, I was lucky enough to attend a 4-day Girl Power in Engineering and IT camp at Melbourne University where I got to learn about careers in Engineering and IT; participate in a variety of awesome workshops; hear from industry and academic staff involved in engineering and IT; and interact with Melbourne University engineering and IT students. I shared this experience with a group of like-minded girls that I made lots of connections with.

Five Great Things I Never Knew about Engineering and IT

1. You get to solve the world’s problems

When you think about it, Engineering and IT are such rewarding disciplines because you get to solve the world’s problems. When you work to make your own and other people’s lives easier, you’re basically a superhero! For example, the Wright brothers invented the plane so that we can now travel overseas and efficiently.

2. Your ideas – coming to life

After all your hard work it can be gratifying to see your product or design come to life, whether that be as a civil engineer designing a skyscraper or as a biomedical engineer developing an artificial limb. It makes the hard work it worthwhile.

3. You are shaping the future

As an engineer, you are amplifying human capability, pushing limits and testing boundaries, allowing humans to travel into space, and giving amputees the chance to walk again. The opportunities to improve society, the environment and the planet are endless. As a bonus, the levels of job security for engineering are high!

4. Variety and choice

I don’t think people are aware of the variety that becomes available to you when choosing a career in engineering/IT. There are so many different types of engineering that there is most likely something for everyone; from being a Formula One racing engineer perfecting the aerodynamics of the car and running lap simulations, to working for NASA and controlling the curiosity driver, a robot that is exploring Mars!

5. Creativity

Finally, with creativity, you get to use your imagination to design, build, code, and create: from designing aeroplanes to building bridges, there are no limits to the imagination.

Further information about the Girl Power program can be found here.

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