Greetings families and friends,

The first of our 2020 camps begin next week. Our Year 5s head to Wilsons Promontory. Eager and excited, an awe-inspiring environment is ready for them to explore.

Fresh air, fun with friends and feeling relaxed by taking a walk through the bush or swimming in the crystal-clear water of the pristine beaches and waterways – these are just a few of the treats the Prom has to offer. 

A first tenting experience for these children, the days end with the children snuggled in their tents after enjoying one of Chris' delicious home-cooked meals.

The Year 3 & 4 groups will head to Phillip Island the following week. Whilst exploring another beautiful environment the children stay in cabin-style accommodation within the park-like surrounds of their campgrounds. This first camp for the Year 3s is one of wonder and adventure. With their trusted Year 4 friends leading the way, they will spend three days exploring the Island’s environment, abundant with wildlife.

At Woodleigh, camps are an integral part of the curriculum. Research and experience show that camps lead to significant positive outcomes for children, and in a structured and supportive environment, create the opportunities for children to broaden their horizons, which can bring about positive changes in attitudes, skills, and social behaviour.

School camps encourage children to extend themselves beyond their own perceived limitations, ranging from the challenge of the activities provided, through to the experience of being in an unfamiliar environment, away from home and school. Camps enable children to experience new things with the support of their peers and the adults accompanying them. Many children at camp are prepared to try new activities and foods, interact with different people and for some, it is their first stay away from home but in the company of their friends.

Camps are vitally important experiences. They provide opportunities to learn and live in harmony with the environment. Camps show children alternative ways of living and support them in their own personal growth. Camps demonstrate the notion of community, teaching children about values, will and endeavour. They encourage children to take initiative for themselves and others, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Our thanks to Peter McGettigan and the Years 3 to 5 teachers for creating these opportunities.