Years 3 & 4 Group News

It’s great to see the students back after the latest round of COVID restrictions. The children have returned to school enthused to see their friends and teachers. There is the social element of school that, despite fantastic technology that allows us to see and hear one another in real-time, cannot be replicated in an online environment.

Camps and excursions are also crucial to the social, emotional and physical development of children. Scheduled for this term are two essential activities that we are all very excited about:

Willum Warrain excursionThursday 19 August 9:30 – 11:00
Camp JungaiMonday 30 August – Wednesday 1 September

Our fingers and toes are crossed that the COVID situation in Victoria remains contained so that these critical events can occur. The excursion to Willum Warrain, in Hastings, links to our Unit of Inquiry of Who We Are – an inquiry into personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health, as well as the dynamics of human relationships, including families, friends, communities and cultures. The students will learn about Aboriginal perspectives regarding self-care, wellbeing, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Camp Jungai is a Penbank favourite. Also incorporating Aboriginal culture, this camp provides opportunities for students to be involved in activities such as learning about bush tucker, canoeing, campfire sing-a-longs, cultural sessions, water ecology, and high-ropes challenges. As with all camps, Golden Valleys Lodge also allow students to develop independence, personal responsibility, and perhaps most importantly, to simply have fun with their friends in a new and exciting environment!


Students have been writing persuasive pieces that promote activities to maintain or improve wellbeing among our regular spelling sessions and reading groups. Whether it’s enjoying activities with loved ones, getting the right amount of sleep, walking out and about in nature, or staying hydrated, students have suggested ways to improve physical, social, emotional or mental health.


Taking advantage of students’ interests in The Tokyo Olympics, we have enjoyed time outside competing in various events requiring students to measure performance. The children have recorded data from efforts in Ball Toss, Standing Long Jump, Minute Hop, and Sprints. It has been a much-loved activity, allowing students to combine physical activity and maths, with the added benefit of enjoying time outside in the Winter sun. The next step will be to analyse the data and display it in a range of graphs for a more straightforward interpretation.

A Warm Welcome

We are fortunate to have another student-teacher with us, 4th year ACU student Claire Ryan. Claire joins Sarah Dean, whose time with us has been valued and enjoyed by teachers and students alike throughout this year. We love the opportunity to involve student teachers in our program, benefiting from their fresh ideas and enthusiasm for learning. Welcome, Claire!

We all agree that nothing beats time at school for the children. However, we have seen that circumstances can change quickly and with little warning. So regardless of whether we are together on-site or learning from home, thank you from all of us for your communication, support and understanding as we continue to do our best in these challenging COVID times.