Hive Update

Welcome to our final reflection of 2021! Together our community have made the most of every situation we were presented. We found the silver linings, and with your partnership, the children are ready for a very exciting 2022. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. It's been an absolute pleasure to share this year with you all.

How We Express Ourselves

Our learning community has inquired into how we can communicate using symbolic languages as a means of expression to be enjoyed.

We have looked at how we can communicate using actions. Willow shared her saddle and taught us how to speak with a horse using movement

"The horse knows to stop when you lean back", Willow

"If I do this, will that make it go?" (Pushing his feet back in the stirrups), Isaac

"Giddy up", Huxley

"Some people use a whip to tell the horse to go faster", Ezra

"I haven't done this before", Indiana

The children developed all the props for 'The Hive Christmas Story' and chose dramatic play materials, costumes, and music to communicate stories and role play ideas.

The Hive Christmas Story

Everyone around the world belongs to someone.
There is love everywhere in every country all over the world.

We were all babies once; traditions were born too.
Families come together to share and spread Christmas cheer.

It was nearly Christmas, and the elves were busy working in Santa's Christmas workshop.

"Ho Ho Ho Ho It's time to make this Christmas magic.
Mrs Clause, let's deliver these presents.
Elves, it's time to pack the sleigh," said Santa.

Beep Beep Bop … Malfunction in the engine…

Santa yelled out, "Elves, Elves, we need your help…. Can you make some magic so Christmas cheer can be spread far and wide"?

The elves sprinkle their magic potion in the hope of fixing Santa's sleigh.
"We did it. The sleigh is fixed, and all is ready. Merry Christmas, Santa and Mrs Clause said the elves.

4,3,2,1 Takeoff.

Santa worked hard, he ate, and he drank at each house, spreading Christmas love and cheer.

The presents were delivered by Santa, Mrs Clause and the Christmas angel; they felt so happy and made their way back home.

"Merry Christmas, Santa," said Mrs Clause.
"Merry Christmas, everyone," said Santa.

The End.

After building on their background knowledge about stories, self-expression, and narratives, the children developed this story. They used dramatic play to develop their ideas, and these were then recorded and produced into a plot. Throughout the term, we explored Fairy tales such as Jack and The Beanstalk, which saw the children engage in dramatic play outside in our mud kitchen. We researched what makes a good story, and the children then had opportunities to develop their narratives to present to their peers. There was abundant praise for creating exciting characters and designs using various materials, from nature fairies to dinosaurs as a learning community. The children developed their characters first and then transferred their figures into a range of storytelling experiences.

Our final presentation to the families allowed the children to use their bodies to tell a story creatively. Props such as costumes and music physically transformed themselves into their character. As a presentation to our community, this final expression captured the children's interest and allowed us to take action. Their story captures the magic of Christmas and the power of working together as a team. The songs and characters were naturally compelling to the children, and that came through strong in a richness that captivated their creativity and desire for dramatic play. These skills have been observed translating into play throughout the program; children would transfer their knowledge of storytelling and characters to enhance spontaneous dramatic play.


Thank you for your contributions throughout the year and for working with us to create a unique, caring and supportive community for our children. We are all extremely grateful for each one of you. Your generosity, kind words and gifts are appreciated more than you know.

Have a safe, happy and healthy summer break, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures!