The Hive Update

As we race towards the end of our first term together, the Hive is filled with excitement and activity! The children are enjoying every element of the program, and each day, we observe their growing confidence, resilience, and concentration skills! They are certainly showing us every day that they are adjusting to our daily routines. Our end to the term will be a busy one, and we are looking forward to putting the children's interests into play.

"Who We Are"

"We are learning about ourselves and others as part of a learning community."

An inquiry into:

  • How do my emotions impact myself and others?
  • What choices can I make for my own and others wellbeing?
  • How can I contribute to our learning community?

Our first Unit of Inquiry this year has provided us with an opportunity to support the children's sense of belonging to the Woodleigh learning community and help them feel valued and recognised for who they are and what they bring to our group.  

As the children transition from home to our school community, our focus is on developing their sense of identity and supporting their emotional wellbeing.  

We are currently working on helping the children develop vital skills such as saying goodbye and settling in for the day, learning the names of our friends and managing our feelings as we know to be part of a group.

We will be examining a broad range of emotions and reflecting on how they can impact us and others. As the children begin to understand belonging to a group and work with others, they will be challenged to use their prior knowledge to create solutions to everyday problems. 

As we work together to develop a class agreement and establish rules for a happy year together, we will explore ways to show respect, be caringopen-minded and balanced.  These learner attributes will be focussed on throughout the year but are of particular significance as we begin our year together.

We have been learning to read and identify our visual schedule for the day during our morning meetings. We offered this resource from the beginning of the year to help all children feel safe, supported and connected to the Hive. It's been great to see the children engage with the visuals as a means of understanding the rhythm of the day, regulating our emotions and expressing our needs. 

"After mat time, there's food time." Hux

"Oh, that one is rest time, it's got the bed see?" Gemma

"When is it home time?" Isaac

"That is a book its storytime." Harry

The children are learning skills that contribute to their learning and their community 

As we work in small groups with others, we learn to share resources and take turns through games, physical play and art. These social skills take time to develop as the children understand that they can express their ideas, listen to others, and be flexible.

We all belong to the Woodleigh learning community

"I have my love heart" Griffin

"Be kind" Maisy

"I can make a heart too" Jude

As part of our classroom agreement, we explored how we can sing our 'Circle of Friends song' each morning to remind us how to look after one another. 

"Sharing" Henni

"Taking turns" Willow Shirl

"Say please" Rose

"Say hello" Pearl

Gross Motor Skills and Risk-Taking

The climbing frame and outdoor play area provide a challenge for the children! The stepping stones and balance pieces have seen children persist, encourage one another and take the next step of offering a hand to plunge into these new challenges. The children have embraced these opportunities with an open mind, which has provided an opportunity for excitement and responsible risk-taking. From here, the children extended their learning into throwing games where they had to hit targets. 

"I need help to get over" Austin

"It's my turn to throw now" Dominic

"Yes! I got three in!!!!" Dominic

What did the children learn through small group gross motor play?

  • Engagement in independent tasks
  • Follow safety guidelines to show respect to self and others
  • Share equipment, wait for a turn and play positively. Showing awareness of others
  • Take responsible risks
  • Make positive choices for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others

Learning About Our Emotions 

The children used loose parts that could be moved around easily to explore different emotions and matching them to their faces and pictures on the wall. 

"This is my surprised face; my mouth is open wide" Pearl

"I can do happy faces" Flynn

"sad" Bond

"It's excited; look at the mouth" Ezra

Lots of magic happened with the loose parts, and we hope you enjoy these unique designs as much as we do.

Designing and creating a Fairy Garden

The children had an idea to create a fairy garden outside that they could enjoy.  We have been thinking about the resources we will need and researching some different designs.

"We will need beautiful things like shells and small rocks." Huxley

"Rocks and Woodleigh leaves" Henni

"Flowers" Maisy

"Leaves" Griffin

"Rainbow fairies and a house" Remi

"A fairy house and rainbow colours" Zoe

"We could make the fairies" Remi

"Colours" Flynn

"Some glitter" Daisy

"Lights" Willow  

"chairs and letters" Gemma  

"Beads, I already did some" Daisy

"Lots of rocks" Austin

Our work in the fairy garden will help develop the children's self-management skills as we organise our workspaces, persist with challenges, learn to compromise, be resilient and manage our time.