Homestead 2 Camp Cape Patterson

I was excited for camp because I knew I would make new friends, and I only knew some of the Year 8s. I missed out on Year 6 camp, so it had been too long. I was pumped! I mean, who wouldn’t be? Maybe some people who get homesick? Over the next five days, we surfed, stand up paddle boarded, leant how to put up tents, learned how to bucket water out of tents, how to cook and SO MUCH MORE. Most memorable moment? Definitely the talent show. Who could forget Jackson, Jasper and Lenny’s “The Epic Song of Epicness,” or Evie’s interpretive dance? The winner? Definitely Ben and his crew’s performance of charades.

My group did very well with cooking. Day one; a delicious meal of tacos and an amazing bean sauce. Day two; fried noodles and fresh veggies. YUM! 

Everyone forgot at least one thing on camp. They either forgot or realised how much nicer it would have been with something extra. I think that as a tent group, we collaborated quite well. We all cleaned up after ourselves, and we were cool. One thing that I probably should be good at (and should probably get better at) is punctuality. I mean, overall I was mostly organised, but I should have gotten ready before the five minutes 'till the bus leaves mark. 

Surfing was so interesting. I had already had a lesson with this company before camp, and so I had a bit of prior knowledge, but I learnt so much more at camp. Which foot I am (normal or goofy?), and how to properly catch a wave. Plus, I was doing it with friends! What isn't fun without friends? Next was a SUP lesson. I love to stand up paddleboard. We had so much fun! We splashed, we did 360s and so much more! It was a really good depth for it at the beach we were at, and there was a deep channel then a sandbank, which we swam out to and played in. 100% recommended.

Cooking was a new experience for many of us. Instructions not included. I already had a LOT of experience with it, and it was fun to put a twist on previous recipes. Hot milo was definitely the highlight.

Must-Do in 2021

  1. Make hot milo
  2. Participate in the talent show. (not really a choice)
  3. Get up VERY early and watch the sunrise on the logs
  4. Meet new people – the Year 8s aren't as mean as they appear to be
  5. Do everything!

Year 7

Collaborative Artwork by Anabella King, Cate Faulkner and Noah Hull