Homestead 2 Camp Reflection

Homestead 2 Camp Reflection

"On the first of March at 9.00 am, an exhilarated group of Homestead 2 kids were departing Woodleigh on a 2-and-a-half-hour bus-ride to Cumberland River. We arrived to find the campground was a beautiful pristine site, with towering cliff faces only 100 metres away. The river was adjacent to our camp and right next to a forest. The water was so translucent and glassy you felt you could drink from it. 

Over the next few days, we did some great activities. We surfed at Lorne with a company called ‘Go Ride a Wave,’ catching some towering waves that took our breath away. Though the waves were small, smiles were shared.

We kayaked through the untarnished swamp-like river at Anglesea, the instructors informing us that there were plenty of bull sharks in the river. We had to make sure not to fall in. We also did a few hours of weeding on the cliffs at Lorne as an activity to give back to the environment.

Minding my own business at camp one day, suddenly, a bird pooh plummets down from the sky and lands ‘bang ‘on my head. I hoped to forget this memory, but my friends have ensured it stays prominent.

We were forced to bunker down at camp during a storm while soaring 40km winds blew through the camp. It kept everyone on high alert. 

I loved walking through the forest on a hike. Ms. Murr led the expedition to a waterfall. While we were there, a sudden occurrence happened.  I peered over my right shoulder to see Archie hanging off the waterfall. The teacher was rattled, but Archie was as relaxed as anything.

One of the things that camp offered was that we are learning to cook, or at least for some of us to refine our skills. The first night’s dinner consisted of tacos or pasta, and the second night a mystery box competition, which Sophie, Micah, and Dash won.

On the last night of camp, there was a talent contest. It consisted of six performances led by Maya and Aurelia, with their lip-syncing and dancing of a song called “Slipping Through Your Fingers” from Mama Mia. Later through the night, a rap battle begun between Max M and Ms. Murr, with both of their bars (and burns) - it was quite the show!

On our last day, before we got on the ferry, we had an hour to shop at the rustic, timeless town of Queenscliff. On that day, the fish and chip shop, IGA, the bakeries, and the overpriced Lolly Shop were all purged by Homestead 1, 2, and 6 students. As it was the first time seeing each other in a week, warm hugs and tears were customary. 

We arrived home a tired group, somewhat relieved to look forward to a good relaxation and sleep at home. While great memories of our camp will stay with us for weeks, our only focus on that night was dinner." Dash R, Y7

"Our week at camp was unforgettable for many reasons. From having fun on the kayaks to shredding the gnar on the waves with Mr. Baker. From cooking our dinner to taking the win at the camp concert. These activities strengthened and created many friendships that will last a lifetime. We were lucky enough to camp in the beautiful caravan park on the Cumberland River. Not that Cumberland River didn’t have its challenges. Dealing with the night-time wind made for some grumpy students and teachers after the loss of sleep. 

Apart from a few fly-away flies and broken tents, Cumberland River itself was worth it. Being close to waterfalls and beaches was a highlight. Although we learned the dangers of hiking near waterfalls, the views and scenery were something we’ll never forget. 

Being Woodleigh, we had to help out the local environment by weeding a plant called Mediterranean Broom. We were supervised by “Possum Pete,” who worked for the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee. It felt great to do something for the Lorne community. 

Towards the end of the week, we all missed our comfy beds and our families as expected. But camp gave us a new appreciation for those things and the fantastic opportunities and teachers here at Woodleigh." Aurelia P & Maya W, Y8