​Homestead 3 Camp – Apollo Bay

Our Apollo Bay camp set off with a bang, filling the bus belly with massive bags taking over the bottom space; we bustled onto the bus with masks in our hands and daypacks flung on our backs.

We travelled inland with a bus full of chatting kids and adults, stopping for approximately 30 minutes for a play and a snack; we lazily slumped back into our seats for the rest of the ride. We piled off the bus, keen to stretch our legs, lunging for our bags and tents and dragging them over to our tent site, so we could put our tents up and start making our gourmet dinners. There were lots of different dinners, like teacup cookies and card sandwiches in one group, and curry and chocolate chip biscuits in another. We had lots of different and delicious meals. We did a bunch of different and amazing activities like a glow-worm walk, surfing, treetop walk, shelly beach walk, golf, and beach games run by the Year 8s. On the way home, the bus was silent, people were sleeping, and there was barely any talking. We got lunch on the ferry home with the Year 7s and 8s from Homestead 7, who were staying in Queenscliff.

As we pulled up the drive, we were happy and relieved that we were back home, and that night we would be sleeping in our own beds. Though we were happy and relieved we were back home; we will never forget the wonderful camp we got the pleasure of going on.

Alannah Dietrich & Misha Hart Y7 & Neave Piggott Y8