Homestead 6 Camp – Gunaikurnai Country – Walkerville

During Camp Week, Homestead 6 went to Gurnaikurnai Country, Walkerville. We were able to explore this beautiful location by camping in tents and participating in a range of activities, including kayaking, surfing, bike riding, rock-pooling, camp games, and many bush walks.

The campground that we had the privileged to stay at for a week was surrounded by beautiful nature and was right on the beach looking across the bay to Wilsons Prom. It was spacious and private – it felt like we were the only group there. One time when we were going to our tents to go to sleep, we saw a huge wombat. We stood there for a while just watching, and then it waddled away.

Each activity opened a new skill set and challenged us in different ways, both physically and mentally, to achieve new goals. Many of us learnt how to stand up on a surfboard. Then when we were kayaking, there was a collision between a few kayaks, and everyone capsized! Incredibly, a couple of super brave Year 7s learnt how to ride a bike for the first time while the rest of us went mountain biking. These activities also gave us time to take in the beautiful scenery of Gunaikurnai country and all its natural beauties. Making new friends was a big goal for most of us on this camp, and these activities helped us get closer to all our peers. Overall the activities that we did on camp were so much fun.

The camp concert on Thursday night was eventful, exciting, and exuberant. Everyone had a go, and it was great that we got to see a different side of people. The concert acts certainly made us laugh, but the quality of these acts was questionable! It ended up being a great night, and some of the acts included, The Spatula, Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, a rendition of Jingle Bells and many more. It was a great way to close a fantastic week.

On the last day, after we packed up camp, we did an Emu Walk to pick up and remove any pieces of rubbish we could see around the campsite. This was part of us taking care of the land we had been on and leaving it better than how we found it. We acknowledged the Gurnaikurnai people whose land we were on and were grateful we could be there to enjoy it for the week.

Ali Grage-Moore, Miah Waller, Alice Seymour and Jess Lang Y8