Homestead Group News

We have enjoyed a busy few weeks in the Homestead with many adventurous activities underway. From our Swimming Sports Carnival, incursions, Year 5 camp and Friday Community sessions; here is a look at what’s been going on!

On Monday 24 February, the Year 6 students and teachers hosted Izzy and Jade from Project Rockit. They ran a ‘STEP UP’ workshop focused on leadership and identifying our core values. Through interactive activities, they shared with us everyday examples of leadership and we explored how we can ‘step up’ in our local communities. Project Rockit will run a final session with us on Monday 16 March called ‘SYNC’. This session will focus on cyber-bullying, good decision making and building on our personal leadership strengths.  

“Personal leadership skills are developed by students through a range of active and reflective challenges, providing opportunities for students to build on their strengths, develop resilience and stand up for what they believe in.” – Project Rockit 

Wilsons Promontory

What an amazing camping experience for our students! 

Sunshine, surf and seals! Surfing with seals on the first day was a highlight especially for those who had never surfed before. There were achievements galore with many standing on boards for the first time.  

Pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone saw us hike to Pillar Point, Squeaky Beach, Tidal River Overlook Circuit and Mt Oberon (this year we actually reached the summit). It was all worth it for the spectacular views and camaraderie on the way. 

Canoeing on Tidal River was a challenge in the wind and learning the correct techniques to ensure we paddled the course. Cooperation and team effort were evident in each group. 

Education sessions also featured teaching students to care for the environment and learning what animals and macro-organisms are on the Prom. 

Tidal River provided the backdrop for art activities with Janine on Wednesday. Sand sculptures and weaving with nature produced some amazing creations. Thank you to Janine for providing this opportunity.

We experienced all weather types. The students were keen to continue participating whether it was sunny, rainy or windy. We even watched a movie whilst it was raining. 

Many thanks to Chris for our wonderful meals. Best camp ever!


Our Central Idea these first few weeks was around ‘building a community creates a sense of belonging’. We have discussed the various types of communities we belong to (hobby groups, sports clubs, local council communities, holiday groups) and what makes us belong to these groups. We have explored roles of responsibility within communities and how our actions may impact others. After watching an episode of Ahn Do’s ‘Brush With Fame’, our students have written their own introductory ‘About Me’ blurb. Next, the children will interview each other while having a go at portraiture, as a way of building connections between the Year 5 and Year 6 students in our Homestead community.

In Year 6, both classes have been sharing the ‘The Barrumbi Kids’, which is a novel set within the Wugularr community.

The Barrumbi Kids Novel

The novel follows the story of two best friends, Dale (a whitefella whose family have lived in the community for generations) and Tomias (a local Aboriginal boy). The story follows their adventures at school and out on country and explores some of the challenges that exist in merging two contrasting lifestyles together in the one community.  

Community Engagement Activities

Over the past few weeks we have commenced our Friday activities, where the children are undertaking their first round of activities. 

Kitchen/Garden: A chance for the children to get their hands dirty in the garden and cook with their freshly harvested produce. 

Community Connection: Acting as leaders, our Year 5 and 6 students are working across the school with the younger students, planning activities and building cross-age connections. 

Science: Putting our beautiful environment under the microscope, the students have been collecting pond and dam water samples to explore and research the wide variety of insect life that call Penbank home. 

Sustainability: Looking at the land, while having fun using mapping and orientation skills to learn about the concept of sustaining and enjoying our local environments. 

Mathematics: Students are exploring how robotics have impacted our lives, and what problems they can help us solve.


We are all looking forward to an exciting and busy end to Term 1 in the weeks to come.