Homestead Group News

Welcome back to the Homestead! We have loved getting back into the classroom with our friends. A particular highlight has been putting down the laptops, and re-opening the schoolbooks, picking up the pens, paintbrushes, and instruments. There has been a lot to catch up on after being apart for so long, and we are enjoying getting into some hands-on activities (after washing them, of course!)


For our final term of the year, the focus in Mathematics is revising all concepts covered throughout the year and ensuring the students have fully understood and mastered everything introduced during remote learning, particularly the four major processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). A strong understanding of numbers is essential. Number fluency games and mental maths will help the students consolidate their learning and ensure they are prepared for the following year. To tie in with our inquiry focus on The Arts and 'How We Express Ourselves,' we will also be investigating shapes, designs, patterns, and tessellations and inquiring into the link between Maths and Art. We have set up provocations for the students to explore how shapes can be translated, flipped, turned, and rotated to create symmetrical patterns, designs, and tessellations. It will help the students identify lines, angles, and rotational symmetry and better understand different shapes' properties. Be sure to look out for some of our unique designs in the following Group News!


In the Homestead, much of our reading and writing is embedded within our inquiry sessions, and we have many beautiful artists, artworks, and art forms to look into this term. We will do this through various formats, including reading, viewing, researching, listening, and discussing. In preparation for our Zoom talk from Boori Monty Prior in Arts Week, we will be exploring several of Boori's texts over the coming weeks. Spelling and grammar sessions will continue in a weekly manner. Both Year 5 and Year 6 will be putting their creative minds to work while drafting narrative writing pieces. We will focus on writing engaging openers in our narrative stories to build intrigue and draw in the reader's interest. Descriptive vocabulary will also be an area of focus; to assist the reader in visualising characters and settings. 

With Anne's assistance, Book Club will continue to run into Term 4, with the children very excited to complete the novels that we commenced online during the CLP. 


Our inquiry focus for this term is 'How We Express Ourselves.' Returning to school means that we can do this through many mediums and share and appreciate processes and final products. Across the Homestead, our Central Idea is: 'People use creativity to express meaning and connect with others.'

We will inquire into: 

  • How people use creativity to express meaning
  • How people connect with others through creative expression
  • Using our imagination to express sense and connect with others

The Arts experiences offer students opportunities to think and feel as they explore, problem solve, express, interpret, and evaluate as they undertake the design process. It was a joy to observe the students return to class and become wholly engaged in the provided experiences. These activities have led to great connections and communication amongst the students.

We use several thinking routines to 'look closely' at their own and others' artwork and express their unique thoughts and feelings. It is hoped the students will come to better value, understand, and enjoy the arts in their lives. 

CREATE is part of this focus, and, for the next two weeks, the Homestead groups will focus on creating and performing their roles for our final presentation. The students are incredibly excited. This process will mainly be integrated into our specialist sessions during these two weeks.

We are so happy to be back together and on board for the final term of 2020. 

Like everything this year, Term 4 will look a little different from previous years. But, as they say, the show must go on! With our academic learning inspired by The Arts, we are looking forward to thinking creatively and having a lot of fun together.