How can Art solve future problems?

Last week, the year 10 Art students participated in a workshop with contemporary artist Mary Mattingly, part of the Independent Schools Victoria Arts Learning Festival. Over a live stream with Mattingly from New York, the challenge was for the students to consider a future where people can connect via individual mobile shelters that can contract, expand and come together to collect water, store food and produce power.

They stretched their imaginations to consider the requirements for designing, building and dwelling in a mobile space or city. What tools and materials are needed to make these individual shelters fit together and share resources to create a more extensive group space? How can we work together as a community and with nature?

The creative solutions envisaged served dual purposes, including a hat that turned into a planter box; an umbrella that also functions providing plants water; and a backpack that can change into a hat. The individual pieces can be unfolded back into a diamond that can then be placed together to serve as a shelter. 

There was an intense feeling of unity with the students, and one could almost ‘hear and feel the thinking’. We are looking forward to revisiting this when we are all face to face again.

Classroom Teacher