If Your Child Feels Unwell

Students who feel at all unwell, regardless of the manner of their ailment, must stay home until they are completely symptom-free. In the case of gastroenteritis, students should not return to school until they have been completely clear of symptoms for the preceding 24 hours.

Woodleigh School policies and procedures are developed following guidelines set down by the Department of Education and Training. To provide a safe environment for us all, we have put in place many stringent protocols, and it is imperative that as a school community, we all heed these guidelines.

If a student feels unwell while at school, they must report to the Nurses station FIRST before contacting home. We will liaise with parents and contact them directly when our nurse deems it necessary for a student to be collected to assist with recovery and stop the potential spread of illness. Reporting to the nurse initially reduces unnecessary alarm, keeps the lines of communication open between home and school, and allows our staff to fulfil their duty of care. 

Thanks for your support and understanding.

School Nurse