Important Message re. Travelling on myki Buses

All Woodleigh School students travelling on these buses must have a valid myki card. Students 17 and over are also required to carry a valid VPT School Student Id card or government-issued proof of age (ie Drivers licence, learners permit) to travel. It is the student’s obligation to touch on with a valid myki when boarding. Fare evasion is a serious offence and can incur substantial fines.

These buses are not free and noncompliance could also result in the service of these buses being withdrawn by PTV (Public Transport Victoria).

More information and application forms are available on the PTV website

Please note that pickup times are given by Ventura Bus Lines as approximates only so students need to be at their stop at least five minutes prior to the pickup time listed on the timetable. Also, to help Bus Drivers distinguish between Woodleigh School students and the general public, the Bus Lines recommend our students flag their bus down.

If you have any queries please contact Robyn Kent at Woodleigh Campus on 5971 6100 or email