In Living Colour! Arts Week Wrap Up

In Living Colour, the 2022 Woodleigh Senior Campus Arts Week, was a visual feast! Students and staff dove straight in, loving the cross-age projects and open-door workshops for staff and students. Artists worked on multiple projects, allowing the curious to join.

The week opened with our VCE Arts and Design Exhibition and Arts Week Showcase on Monday night. Product Design, Visual Communication, and Studio Arts artworks, products, and solutions, spread across the Elisabeth Murdoch Gallery. Three hundred people were in attendance; David Baker and Arts Week Director, Bryn Bowen opened, Milani Khoza introduced the show and was awarded our inaugural Woodleigh School Acquisition Prize.

Artists in residence this year were; David Booth, Sophie Harle, Fiona Cabassi, and Woodleigh Alumni, Pip and Remi Chynoweth and Cassius Tutton.

Tuesday’s highlight was The Great Pottery Throwdown; a woke mix of the Melbourne Cup meets Art School. Students vs. Staff. We laughed, we saw, we cheered. Staff blew us away with their spinning, and students met the challenge, making a cup with a handle within 5 minutes. The winner, student, Sophie Matthews, Year 9, took a block of porcelain as her prize. Jaymi, our pre-service Product Design teacher made a deconstructed postmodern cup that won the heart of the judge, ceramicist and artist, Sophie Harle.

Minimbah and Penbank ECC students visited and viewed the artworks in the gallery, led by Year 12 Studio Arts students, Milani Khoza, Summer Johnson and Lally Penna. The ECC children drew in the gallery with artist, Fiona Cabassi, they made a raku fish with Sophie Harle to contribute to a wind chime. They were absolutely inspired.

David Booth worked on our newly appointed ‘Soft Space’ in the Visual Arts Studio 2 with a small group of students. Students have led this project, self-directing the creation of tables, cushions and a mural. Bass Peach and Brook Boscott (Year 7) created food-inspired soft sculptures. Sophie Harle led cross-age pottery workshops; students have found joy and confidence through working with the medium. Fiona Cabassi worked with students from Year 7-11, directing and contributing to a collaborative paper installation in the gallery’s Studio. Past students, Pip and Remi Chynoweth worked on a lino print mass hessian quilt, which will find a permanent home in Visual Arts studio 1. Cassius Tutton shared their expertise in Graffiti and lead art workshops with senior students. This amazing tapestry of art, design, immersion, and culture was so inspiring.

We look forward to continuing the excitement and curiosity for Arts Week 2023.

Head of Visual Arts