In the Art Room

It has been an exciting Term 1 with many children creating fabulous art pieces. The students have been very busy and there is always great energy and enthusiasm coming from the Art room.

We were very excited about collaborating with the Year 11 Studio Art students, headed by Woodleigh senior teacher, Birra-li Ward. The senior students worked with Minimbah Year 5s then Penbank Year 5s creating sketches and then turning them into lino cuts. We will then print them next term in the senior Art room. I was thrilled with the bonding and excitement amongst the students while creating their art pieces, and the Year 11s showed great leadership and role modelling towards the younger students.

Wugubank Week was also a highlight this term, especially showing the Penbank students artworks from Djilpin Arts Centre, Beswick. The Wugularr students were very excited seeing their art gallery on the interactive white board.

Wishing all families a lovely holiday.

Kind regards,

Janine Everett