The provision of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Woodleigh School undergoes continuous development. The school offers a contemporary approach to the integration of ICT in the classroom to enhance student learning. eLearning (the applications of ICT) at Woodleigh School is designed to encourage inquiry, analysis and communication in a responsible manner within a safe environment.

Learning Technology Resources

Woodleigh School recognises that our students are growing up in a connected world. ICT should be seamlessly integrated within the learning process – access to technology on a ‘needs basis’ is key to effective integration in the classroom and beyond. Woodleigh has a sophisticated ICT infrastructure network on all campuses; students have access to a range of eLearning technologies at school via computers, library facilities, specialist subject applications and computer activities.

All students at Woodleigh Senior Campus are provided with a computer for use in the classroom and at home. The computer remains the property of Woodleigh School but is in the care of individual students. Students are expected to bring the computer to required classes and are responsible for its care and charging. Any faults or damage to the computer must be reported to the ICT Helpdesk as soon as possible. At no time should repairs be made by the student or any external party. A limited number of replacement computers are available for loan whilst repairs are undertaken. Students at Penbank and Minimbah Campuses are provided with access to computers and iPads as required by classroom teachers.

In addition to computer hardware, students have access to the following ICT services:

• Internet and intranet (SEQTA) access
• Quality printers and scanners
• Digital cameras
• Digital presentation via Interactive White Board or projector
• Email
• Office 365 Suite
• Access to ADOBE products as required
• A range of subject specialist software

The school requires that all Senior Campus students have internet access at home as resources for class work are frequently accessed over the school portal (SEQTA). We recommend a home wireless network for use with the school computer, with appropriate restrictions and filters.

The ICT Centre at the Senior Campus has computer laboratories and a staff area. Media students have access to a media lab for digital editing and production. Visual Art and Design students have access to a CAD lab for the use of design software. Music students have access to software and keyboards for composition and multimedia work. Throughout the school there are also 3D printers, a laser cutter and a high-quality large format printer.

ICT Support

The Woodleigh ICT Helpdesk is located at Senior Campus and is staffed from 8.30am-5.00pm each day. Students at the Senior Campus are able to address computer concerns by visiting the Helpdesk in person or by emailing Penbank and Minimbah students should raise any computer concerns directly with their teachers. Parents can also contact the Helpdesk with any school related ICT concerns using or by ringing Senior Campus Reception on 5971 6100. Your enquiry will then be forward to the appropriate ICT or eLearning staff member.


An individual student ID card is provided to all Senior Campus students. This card is used as a library card, photocopy and printing card, and if required, can be connected to a family Flexischool account for use at the canteen. Students need to bring this card to school on all school days. If the card is lost a replacement can be requested by contacting Printing is charged at approximately 7 cents per sheet – A4 B&W. Printing in colour is more expensive: approximately 25 cents per A4 sheet and 50 cents per A3 sheet. The card is initially loaded with $10.00 credit and software enables students to monitor the amount of printing and copying that they are undertaking and to see the environmental impact of their use. On request by a student, credit for copying and printing will be extended (in increments of $10.00 or $20.00) and the cost charged on the next family account. We strive to reduce environmental impact and students are encouraged to submit work electronically where possible. Minimbah and Penbank students are instructed on how to print and photocopy by class teachers as the need arises.

The Internet

The 'V' Curriculum implies increasing rights and responsibilities as students mature. The internet is a dynamic and extremely valuable resource; however, there are areas of the internet that are not desirable for student access. At Woodleigh, our model of internet access places the responsibility for self-control on the student while still implementing filtering of offensive and inappropriate material whilst students are at school. The aim is to ensure that filtering occurs without blocking educationally valuable sites. Web filters are in place whilst students are onsite at Woodleigh. These filters block extreme or dangerous sites and various other sites that contain inappropriate content. However, all filters have their limitations and we do not provide any guarantee that our filter will block all inappropriate sites.  A cloud based, externally managed filtering tool operates when students are away from school. The school has limited control over the sites filtered through this product and there is no guarantee that all inappropriate sites are blocked.

The school is not responsible for supervising students’ use of their MacBooks out of school hours. Parents should ensure that they encourage their children to engage in responsible and safe online behaviour, and provide appropriate supervision when students are using a MacBook outside of school. We strongly recommend that MacBooks are used in open/shared spaces at home, rather than in bedrooms. The school provides families with access to a Family Zone licence, which enables greater parental control of the MacBook when it is off the school network.

Woodleigh School pays for data download at school. Students are provided with generous download limits, however, they are reminded that large downloads should be done at home, not at school.

Family Zone

Woodleigh has partnered with Family Zone as part of our ongoing efforts to improve cyber safety. Family Zone is one of Australia's leading providers of cyber safety and security services for schools and parental control products for parents. Out of school hours, Family Zone's tools provide parents with the capacity to better manage their child's online activity. They also provide ongoing support from a team of leading Cyber Experts. Woodleigh supplies Family Zone's Mobile Zone app on all Woodleigh student Macbooks, as the Family Zone tools are utilised during the school day. It is each family’s decision whether they wish to utilise the Family Zone when the computer is off the school network. If you do not want the Family Zone tools to operate on your child’s MacBook out of school hours please contact and we will address your request as soon as possible.


All students at Woodleigh have an email address. Senior Campus students are encouraged and expected to use email to communicate with staff, other students and the outside world. Junior Campus email usage and expectations are managed by classroom teachers. Students are expected to use email responsibly – appropriate sanctions may be applied for misuse.

Backing Up Data

Students are encouraged to utilise cloud options including the free OneDrive account provided by the school, or to purchase a portable external hard drive to back up their work. The backing up of computer files remains the responsibility of each student.

Legal Obligation

Students must comply with the ICT User Agreement, and other school policies regarding ICT and online use.  Breaches may warrant disciplinary action. However, it is also important to recognise that inappropriate electronic and online behaviour can also have legal consequences (for example, cyberbullying and other criminal offences, or defamation).