Let's Make 2022 Special

Dear Woodleigh families,

I trust you have had a great summer and enjoyed time together with loved ones. I send you my best wishes as we begin 2022 optimistically and positively. As I said to our staff at the beginning of the year, let's aim to make this the best year in Woodleigh's great history.

Omicron Has Us Pivoting Again

When returning to School this year, I prepared my presentations for staff and students. I was hoping to gather together to meet for professional learning and our first assemblies and school meetings. I was hoping for the start I had envisaged back in 2020.

Unfortunately, it seems that the pandemic isn't quite finished with us yet. Again, we pivoted, changed our plans, and headed online for meetings and assemblies. Again, it was not quite the start I was hoping for. Throw in the logistical challenge of Rapid Antigen Test distribution and the challenge of developing new systems and processes for managing positive cases, and it's been a bit of a whirlwind, but we're tracking well! I want to thank our leadership team for their outstanding management of these processes, and hopefully, we'll continue to minimise the impact of Omicron on our community.

Despite the challenges, it's been a fantastic start to the year. Staff and students across our three campuses have settled back into school mode and are enjoying their time back on campus. Our Senior Campus is buzzing with the life and energy of more than 600 students, whilst both Minimbah and Penbank are enjoying a great start to the year. It's one of my great joys at work to welcome students to school in the morning, and I've been thrilled by the positive feedback from our new students and their families.

While the first four weeks of this term will be a time for caution and continued adherence to COVID rules, I am really looking forward to Woodleigh returning to a program that resembles, as closely as possible, a 'normal' year. In particular, I cannot wait to attend camps later this term. These memory-making experiences set Woodleigh apart from other schools; they define our style of education, one where relationships and experiences are pivotal to the development of every student at our school. Within these experiences, students develop as creative, compassionate, skilful and resilient young people – ready to thrive. As I mentioned to our Senior Campus students at the end of last year, these are Woodleigh's superpowers, and it will be great to have them back in 2022.

A Welcome to New Staff

At the start of the year, we welcomed many new staff to teach and support our programs across all three campuses of our school. I'm delighted to have brought together such a talented team of teaching and non-teaching staff. Please join me in welcoming our new staff.

Bridie Connell English Teacher Senior
Hannah Watts English Teacher Senior
Marcus Butler Product Design Teacher Senior
Leila Koren Visual Arts Teacher Senior
Emma Craven Science Teacher Senior
Jane Baker Textiles Teacher Senior
Harrison Robertson Marketing Trainee Senior
Aidan Bolch Sports Trainee Senior
Will McKenzie Casual Sailing Coach Senior
Anika McLean Visual Arts Trainee Senior
Samme Mills Education Support Assistant Senior
Angela Loo Provisional Psychologist Senior/Penbank
Emily Osborne Provisional Psychologist Senior/Minimbah
Thomas Hennessy Land & Animal Management Assistant Senior
Sue Hastings Director of Inclusion Minimbah
Zara Love-Davey Primary Classroom Teacher Minimbah
Jonathan Crouch Primary Classroom Teacher Minimbah
Karen Fenton ECC Trainee Minimbah
Jasmine Richards Education Support Assistant Minimbah
Samantha Nutt Primary Classroom Teacher Penbank
Mieja Wood Primary Classroom Teacher Penbank
Sarina Canning Primary Classroom Teacher Penbank
Ryan Johnson Programmed
Harry Shenton Programmed
Meghan Clapton Programmed
Returning staff
Sophie Powell Educational Support & Teaching Penbank
Mel Roper Educational Support & Teaching Penbank
Sarah Fleming Drama and Dance Teacher Penbank

Please have a wonderful 2022. Let's make it the best in Woodleigh's history. I look forward to catching up with you as soon as we can have events running again, at drop off, in the driveway, or at pick up.

Stay safe,