Letter Home

We're nearing the end of the year and have been incredibly grateful to welcome our new 2022 families to our campus. Many of our new families had not visited the school, so they were genuinely thrilled to be taken on tours by the teachers at the New Parent Evening held last Tuesday.

Introducing new families to the school, we acknowledged the changes we have faced, but most importantly, highlighted the opportunities for our children as they progress through the various stages of their learning. Every step is essential with each child known as an individual, inspired by their interests, talents and skills. We also expressed our hope to return to our school's unique experiences that connect to the hands-on learning that engages our children in meaningful ways.


All students will participate in a Meet the Teacher Orientation sessions Thursday 2 December. Parents/carers of children in Year 5 and 6 have been informed of the two groups at each year level of Year 5 & 6. As soon as we are able, all families will be notified of the group teachers, which we expect to communicate to parents by Wednesday 1 December. The staff appointment has been a slower process this year, so I thank you for your patience and understanding. Orientation for our Year 6 students commenced last week with an afternoon for students and families at the senior campus. Our Year 6 students will also be involved in a morning at the Senior Campus, Monday 6 December.

Let's Get Curious – events to come!

Continuing our Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, students showcased their talents at last week's School Meeting through singing, playing the piano and reading stories about their feelings. We discussed the importance of expression for self and others as a vital means for learning and communication.

Experiencing various ways of expressing ourselves, our main event to conclude the year will be presenting our CREATE program via a movie. Set in the area of the sound dome (weather permitting), families will be able to enjoy presentations and performances by students before viewing the film as night falls. If the weather is inclement, we will move to Bunjil.

As with all school activities, in line with current health advice and requirements, all visitors who are onsite for any reason must demonstrate they have been double vaccinated or be able to provide evidence of a lawful medical exemption. Parking and entry points will be positioned to enable parents and visitors to check in using the Services Victoria QR code. Tessa or Tracey will be there to cite each person's vaccination status upon entry. Respectfully, parents and visitors who cannot meet these requirements will not be allowed to be onsite.

Other end of year events includes Perberkoong, the Year 6 Graduation and Early Learning break-ups.

We welcome all families to attend Perberkoong at the Senior Campus. It is a most beautiful evening held in the Bush Chapel. Involving all three campuses, Perberkoong, 'Come together' in Boon Wurrung language, is the word gifted to Woodleigh for this event by N'arweet Caroline Briggs, senior elder and chairperson and founder of the Boon Wurrung Foundation. Coming together, you will hear reflections from staff and students along with theatrical and musical performances. Always a delightful occasion.

The Year 6 Graduation will be held at Penbank. It is always an exceptional celebration for teachers and Year 6 parents to congratulate and acknowledge the achievements of students and the conclusion of the Penbank years.

And finally, along with Early Learning break-ups, the last day for students, the PFG have planned a special pizza and gelato lunch followed by an Amazing Race sports afternoon hosted by the Year 6 students.

In all, much joy and celebrations are ahead.

Head of Penbank