Letter Home – Term 2, Week 2

Welcome back, families, staff, and friends, We've enjoyed a delightful start to Term 2 with children very excited to be back at school. Staff, too, have eagerly returned – all appreciating our exquisite environment for work and play. So lovely to see!

Broadly, our campus will be involved in 

Camps – Canberra Year 6 Study Tour – PFG Mother's Day - NAPLAN and Reporting - Library Book Fair - Cross Country events and various sport - National Reconciliation – 'More Than a Word – Reconciliation Takes Action!

Wugularr Visit

It was a pleasure to spend the last week of term at the Wugularr School during the Easter break. In addition to helping teachers, Andy and I spent time at the school and Djilpin Arts Centre planning our next Wugubank experience for Year 6 students. We were delighted to hear about the new programs that have been incorporated into the school, which has contributed to increased attendance. We were also very grateful to reconnect and share some respite with staff and families. Exciting plans ahead – fingers crossed!

Let's Begin with Mums!

In acknowledgement of Mother's Day, we are very much looking forward to our first event with our mums on Thursday. Involving a Morning Tea, we will enjoy the company of our mums, nannies, and special ladies by gathering together in the Bunjil gardens. The other significant occasion for parents will be the school's Reconciliation Dinner. It is also a most meaningful event, and this year will be held at the Penbank Campus. Do watch out for your invitation – it is always a special occasion.

Learning Together

With the commencement of the term, it was a pleasure to spend time with the Year 3 & 4 children to discuss their next Unit of Inquiry. We explored the concept that 'Significant Events and People Impact on the Lives of Individuals and Communities.' Significant people included the founding principal of Woodleigh School, Michael Norman, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, Walt Disney, and Senator Pat Dodson. Events included the rescue of the junior football team who were trapped inside the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, Thailand, and the Apology to Indigenous Peoples by the Australian Parliament. 

The importance of personal values and character contributed to the discussion with the significance of events, further extended at our ANZAC Day School Meeting. We were focusing on the ANZAC values of courage, mateship, fairness, persistence, integrity, humour, initiative, endurance, determination, ingenuity, and respect, connected firmly to the character traits of these people in addition to ourselves as learners. Our ANZAC School Meeting concluded with the song, Aboriginal Soldier composed by Year 6 teacher Mick Bourke. This song was accompanied beautifully by the music staff and Year 6 students. Great learning, everyone - many thanks to all involved.

Being a Volunteer in the School

Thank you to the parents who attended the volunteer's meeting on Thursday. This meeting was extremely well-attended. The purpose of the meeting was to outline the school's processes and options for parents wishing to be involved at Penbank. An equal number of parents were unable to attend, so another meeting is being arranged to ensure that we can support all parents to be involved at our school.

Staff News

Art teacher, Janine Everett, has taken long service leave for the first two weeks of term. I thank Donna Davies for looking after the Art Program in Janine's absence. We look forward to Janine returning to Penbank next week. Donna will once again return to the Art Studio during Week 4 when Janine ventures to Canberra with the Year 6 team. While Donna has been wearing her creative hat, Julia Swayne has taken on Donna's role in Prep and the ELC. We are incredibly grateful to our diverse and expert staff who teach our broad range of age groups. 

Thank you, team.

My best wishes to you for continued sunny, Autumn days.

Deputy Principal – Head of Penbank Campus