Letter Home

It is with sheer joy that I write this Letter Home with all students of Woodleigh School back on campus! What a treat to see students waiting for buses while driving to school this week. I congratulate all students for their perseverance in keeping up with their schoolwork while waiting for the day when we could finally be at school together. I'm sure it is with great relief to parents to see all children back at school.

In managing the education for children this year during these most extraordinary COVID circumstances, I'm sure you would agree that we need schools. They are communities for young people - dynamic places for learning lifelong skills - to function as purposeful, caring positively, and responsible citizens. At school, we learn through our interactions, academically, and socially. We learn about friendship and co-operation while immersed in experiences that motivate us to know about our world. We are glad to be back and so grateful to be together within our campus's beautiful surroundings. 

Upcoming Weeks

CREATE – Community Recreational Educational Artistic Theatrical Experiences

We have returned to a celebration of Woodleigh Arts, and for children at Penbank, this means it's time to CREATE! 

CREATE is traditionally an electives program focused on the Arts. We all know that artistic endeavours enrich our lives, and although the Finale to conclude this year's CREATE will look a little different, we are all very excited to be expressing ourselves through the Arts as we launch into this last part of the year. 

This year CREATE was inspired by the Book Week theme: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. 

Since Book Week, ideas have been percolating away with children excited to write scripts and develop dance steps, storylines, sets, and soundscapes that have captured their imaginations. Now back at school, the excitement is palpable with many animating ideas coming together 'in situ.' 

Due to the COVID, we are unable to hold any community events on-site. As difficult as it is not to provide a live performance, we are very excited that this year's CREATE will be produced as a movie. The plan is to show the film at the Dromana Drive-in. Fingers crossed it will eventuate! Graduation for Year 6 students will likewise be presented as a unique occasion, as will the general break-ups for all year levels, including Early Learning. More information concerning these events will be forthcoming. 


As with all activities and events, we limited due to COVID restrictions. At this stage, our Orientation Program is likely to be different too. We will run the usual parent information nights for new families but via Zoom. Orientation for children will be adapted to support student needs. We will notify you about next year's teaching groups before Orientation Week. We are presently waiting for further information to ascertain how to proceed. Again, more information will be forthcoming.

School Photos

Better late than never, school photos can go ahead in November. Children will be required to wear summer uniforms. If you lack in some items, the Bounty Shop is open. You may also like to call reception to enquire about second-hand options. We can check the sizes for you. I know there is not a lot of time left in the year, but we would like all children wearing black school shoes (no colourful runners) – navy blue accessories such as ribbons and socks if you don't have the new socks. Also, no old Penbank dresses or adornments! Thank you.

Traffic Management and After School Care

Thank you for your co-operation with our traffic management requirements, especially at the end of the day. We now seem to have an effective system up and running. Thank you to all parents of Year 3 to 6 children for arriving after 3.40 pm. It certainly has made a massive improvement to the traffic flow, allowing most of the Early Learning to Year 2 families to leave the property before the older children's departure. There are also more children travelling to and from school on buses. The new finishing times at the end of the day have positively impacted the flow of traffic.

After school care is available from 3.30 pm, if you require it for your children, please contact Reception or Camp Australia directly. For more information on Camp Australia.

Camp Australia would love to hear from you! 

For any queries, help with bookings, questions about statements, or to leave feedback:

  • Email:
  • Call Camp Australia - 1300 105 343
  • Hours of operation are 5 am-9 pm AEDT, seven days a week – Closed on National Public Holidays.

Throughout the year's challenges, there have been many rewards. One such bonus is the way your children have returned to Penbank. They have clearly expressed their evident gratitude and appreciation for the school and teachers that they love. We miss the spontaneous conversations and visits by you as parents and look forward to the time when we can come together as a community, especially at School Meetings. We are a school that values the relationship between school and home – again, and I thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.

Head of Penbank – Deputy Principal Woodleigh School