Welcome to the new school year. Sadly, it’s been a tumultuous summer break, with many people suffering the ravages of fire, flood and hail that have been catastrophic in their level of destruction.

Visiting Sydney and Canberra recently, the smoky atmosphere both inside and out, including totally damaged cars due to the shocking hail storm in late January, was a reminder of the vulnerability of the environment and the very real impact of climate change.

These times have been incredulous, yet heartening with communities uniting to support and help, as we will as a school.

So, let’s get together!

You will have received your invitation to Woodleigh’s Bushfire Fundraiser to be held at the Senior Campus, Wednesday 19 February, 6.00 pm. A film night featuring the Lorax and 2040, it is an excellent opportunity for the whole school community to extend our support. Funds raised will go to Zoos Victoria and Blazeaid.

Pleasingly, it has been a most positive start for our children. They eagerly came into school (for some, with butterflies in the tummy) involving themselves enthusiastically in the school program. Importantly, building relationships with teachers and friends is fundamental for these first few weeks of the school year.