Penbank Letter Home

A warm welcome to Term 2 parents, staff, and friends. We’ve enjoyed an excellent start to the term. Most recently, it was an absolute pleasure to be with the Year 6 children and staff exploring our capital city, Canberra. A ‘treasure chest’ of sights, people, places and ideas, the learning experience for all was immensely appreciated.

Real world learning – Canberra in action!

Well prepared for the parliamentary processes by teachers Sammy and Mick, the children were delighted to see the Prime Minister and politicians in action. We also met our local member, Zoe Mackenzie. Zoe’s personal assistant is a past Penbank/Woodleigh student, Marshall Grande. We were mutually excited to meet up and share the experience of parliament. Very proud of Marshall’s achievements – I love seeing the chosen pathways of former students – they accomplish amazing things!

Participating in role plays that provide an actual experience of parliament enabled the children to understand the two houses and the processes for decision-making. Learning about our country as a democracy is a sophisticated concept that is better understood when you’re immersed in it in a real and hands on way. (Very important for children of our age and stage). The children also appreciated the importance of the Arts and places that capture our history such as the National Museum, War Memorial and Government House.

Canberra is a beautiful city planned by Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion Mahoney. Seeing the layout of the city from Mt Ainsley, the Arboretum and Lake Burley Griffin itself provided different perspectives of the amazing design of the city and surroundings.

Overall, I was most impressed by the engagement of the children in Sammy and Mick’s groups. They totally immersed themselves in the experience and represented our school with pride and respect.

I thank all staff involved in making this study tour such a wonderful experience for our Year 6 students. Thank you, Mick, Sammy, Daisy, Franny, Andy and Pete (behind-the-scenes coordination). Such powerful learning due to your diligent planning and support!

Up and running!

Progress at this time of the year is rapid with all children throwing themselves into the many experiences offered at Penbank. Cross Country events including our Minimbah friends has been a highlight along with PERCY (Penbank’s Early Running Club Yay)! Coordinated by Pete, many children and parents joined in these early morning runs that well-prepared our students for the events held in recent weeks.

In the classroom, from our youngest children to our Year 6’s, involvement in the conceptual understandings of the Units of Inquiry motivate the children to learn in multiple ways through this transdisciplinary approach. Reading and writing and exploring all sorts of maths concepts have also progressed significantly, especially for our younger children in Foundation to Year 2. Samples of the children’s work are displayed throughout our learning spaces, so do come in and have a quick look if you have a moment.

Student Reports

At the end of this term, parents of children in Foundation to Year 6 will receive a written report documenting the progress and general involvement in the school day of each student.

Love is love!

Rainbow Day and celebrating our mums and the wonderful women in our lives focuses on the love and care that we all share for each other. Although I was unable to be a part of the celebrations last week due to my involvement in a conference in Adelaide, I do hope the various occasions were most enjoyable for everyone.

Coming up …

National Reconciliation Week is an important feature of this term. The theme, Be a Voice for Generations, encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives – where we live, work and socialise.

For the work of generations past, and the benefit of generations future, we are committed to being a part of creating a just, equitable, and reconciled country for all. Please join us for our National Reconciliation Week celebrations; School Meeting – Thursday 1 June, 8:50am and the Woodleigh National Reconciliation Week Community Gathering to be held at Penbank Wednesday 31 May, 7:00 pm. There will be much to show and tell!

Click here to book your tickets no later than Monday 29 May.

A very inspiring beginning to the term, I thank you for your support and participation.

Kind regards,

Head of Campus