Melbourne Arts Camp

My Melbourne arts experience was full of colour, music, performance and culture.

I leant so much throughout this week and am thankful to have experienced new and unique arts from the understanding of French films to the excitement of theatre and performance and the process of mixed media materials. After this adventurous camp, I feel that I have gained a more open and positive mindset, as well as more independence and confidence within myself when it comes to navigation, speaking up, and looking after my physical and mental health.

My favourite performance of the week had to be "Moulin Rouge", it was full of dance, colour, light and music and was in the most stunning theatre, "The Regent".

I love the independence we were given on this camp and the teachers' trust in us. They allowed us to explore the wonders of the city, and we looked forward to telling each other about our days and the gorgeous foods we ate and the places we visited. I would 100% recommend this camp to people who love The Arts and are open-minded to trying and learning new experiences

Charli Brough Y12

Coming into the camp, I didn't know what to expect. As it wasn't my first preference, I was a little disappointed but was keen to do something new and different. Staying in the city in our own apartments was a highlight for me. Having that freedom and responsibility was an adventure in itself. However, I do apologise to the cleaners who had to climb over Sam and my floordrobe to make our beds every day. As I'm super interested in street art and graffiti, it was great to have such amazing art everywhere I looked throughout the whole trip. Having the opportunity to run the street art tour for the group with Sam was good fun too. Although I don't know everything about graffiti, I found I got into a bit of a groove when explaining the different elements and meanings behind different pieces.

Another big highlight was Moulin Rouge. Coming into it, I had no idea it was going to be such a big production. The stage sets were stunning, and the dancing was crazy good. Overall, I had a great trip. It was super eye-opening going to places that I would not normally choose to go. Connecting with mates, many good laughs and eating the greasiest, most delicious food all contributed to a week to remember

Seb Ginsberg Y12

From exploring the expressive graffiti that covered the city's walls to the disturbingly beautiful plays and performances that kind of freaked everybody out, we learnt that Melbourne was more than just a one-day shopping trip.

The Lume and the NGV exhibitions were the highlights of my trip, as we got to escape our minds and focus on the thoughts of the artists. The rooms were full of dark and mysterious paintings, unexpected clothing designs and random videos, all with such deep and unexpected meanings.

The quirks and characteristics that the city holds expanded all of our knowledge on cultural and artistic values, leaving us with a brand new mindset to share with our peers when we return to school. Although we are all leaving with blisters, the Melbourne Arts Camp was one that we will all remember.

Ruby Duncan Y12

The grandness of Moulin Rouge was a new experience but an enjoyable one. Seeing a performance so intricately organised and arranged gave us a chance to properly appreciate the work that goes into a musical.

The show was impactful in ways that few things are, with full-on face tingles and jolting in your seat as the performers danced and sang across the stage. At the end of the show, we wanted to go back and watch the start again.

On the half-hour tram ride home, all we could talk about was how incredible the show was and how we desperately wanted to see it again.

Amy Giacomi Y11

On Thursday evening, we attended 'A Midsummer Mechanical's Dream', which was hosted by the Australian Shakespeare Company in the Botanical Gardens. This experience was filled with laughter and fits of giggles at the silly antics we watched.

The Shakespeare classics had Monty Python twists that remind a few of us of Horrible Histories and made the evening very enjoyable.

Kat Baker Y12

I found the Melbourne Arts camp to be a very valuable experience, as it broadened my understanding of Melbourne's culture and gave me the opportunity to experience the broad range of art which Melbourne has to offer.

The highlight of the camp was seeing a play called "Nothing". I found the storyline to be incredibly thought-provoking, and it left me questioning my existence.

The themes of the play were out of my comfort zone, so I am grateful that we were able to see it on the camp as I would have never seen it myself. This camp left me with a deeper understanding of Melbourne's culture and a respect for those who create and present their art to the world.

Zoe Symons Y11