Mini Olympics

Images: Mini Olympics 2018 – so much fun!

Mini Olympics – Friday 6 September 2019, Minimbah Gym

Foundation – Year 3
9.45am – 12.10pm

Year 4 – 6
12.50pm – 3.10pm

Students will participate in a series of activities based on Olympic sports and disciplines scoring points for their School Teams as they compete.

They will be grouped according to their year levels and team colours.

  • Red (Sharks) 
  • Blue (Seadragons) 
  • Green (Stingrays) 
  • Gold (Barracudas)

The first part of the program will involve students rotating through a series of eight activities. Each activity will last for five minutes with a one-minute changeover time between. Team leaders (Year 6 students) will act as scorers/equipment monitors and accompany their respective teams to each activity.

The second part of the program will involve a series of team challenges for each year level. These will include relays, skipping, hula hoops, basketball shoot, tunnel ball and jockeys on/off. 

Parents are most welcome to attend to cheer on the students!