On Friday, after two long years of waiting, we finally had our school disco. Yay! When you walked into the disco, it was mayhem! People were dancing like crazy. Everyone seemed like they were having the best time of their lives. Max and Digby were doing the worm, and it was awesome.

There was lots of delicious food such as fairy floss, sushi and pizza. When all the beats were playing, everyone went up and showed off their moves. Ms Wong showed us all how to do the Nutbush, and everyone joined in. The DJ was great because he was so funny. He was even doing the macarena!

Everyone was amazing at dancing and brave enough to show off their moves. When the DJ saw a great dance, he would turn the music up really loud. It was a blast. Thank you to all the parents for helping out and organising everything, and especially to Merryn and Lisa, who helped us create some amazing artworks and Rozzo the Robot.

Amy, Alice, Digby and Charlie Y4