Musical Notes

Thanks to all of the Penbank students who continue to participate in so much of the Music Program at Penbank. As I was writing reports, I realised how many students are learning an instrument and participating in ensembles every week. Your commitment is to be commended and your hard work is really paying off!

The Bunjil Concert in Week 6 was a fantastic example of your developing skills, persistence and love for music! We heard a great variety of instruments being played by beginners and more advanced students; all an inspiration to each other. During these winter holidays, it is a perfect time to keep up your practice and experience as much music as possible, both locally and in the city.

Reconciliation Dinner

A special thanks to our students who sang the “Wadawurrung Thank You To Country” at the Reconciliation Dinner. Twenty students from Penbank, Minimbah and Woodleigh SC put in many extra rehearsals to open the night. We are very proud of all of you!

Boite Schools Chorus – Dhungala Choral Connection

Both Junior and Senior Choir have started working on the beautiful songs for the Boite Schools Chorus. By now your child/ren involved in choir will have received a beautiful resource book called Dhungala Choral Connection Songbook. We encourage families to sit down together with the book and have a look at the map that explains the origins of different Indigenous languages and Aboriginal tribes around Australia. There is also a page with all the translations and stories of each song. Especially for the younger students in the Junior Choir, your interaction with the material will help their understanding of Aboriginal Australia and give them an enriching educational experience that you can share together.

I am including a link for all the Boite Schools Chorus material. It would be great to put the songs into a playlist for your child to listen to, especially over the three-week holiday. This will help them retain what they have already learnt at school in rehearsals.  

Boite Schools Chorus material

Enjoy your break,

Andrea Khoza