New School Adventure 2021

Dear Parents, Last Monday, I witnessed the drop-off turning circle, awash with beaming smiles, and not all of them, just from the students. The delight on many of your faces was very evident too! The start of a new year is always an exciting time for students and parents alike. It’s a time to reconnect after the long break and plan for the upcoming year ahead with enthusiasm and anticipation. This year seemed to have an extra ‘buzz.’

Last week, a stand out was our community’s welcome to the many new students and families to our school. I hope the first week back has alleviated any anxiety that may have existed, considering most new students had the briefest orientation experiences back in 2020.

The first days of a new school year are significant for making connections and formulating a sense of ‘belonging.’ I know all classes have used these days to support the vital work of getting to know one another and re-acquainting with old friends. 

It was beautiful to witness the high levels of confidence and engagement across the campus classrooms and specialist areas.

Last Wednesday, we welcomed many of you to our first Minimbah community event of the year. Our annual Parent Information Evening provided us with an opportunity to share our learning programs and plans for the year ahead. 

Please keep an eye out in the coming days for your invitation to meet with classroom teachers for our first round of parent/teacher interviews.

We look forward to welcoming parents and friends of students in Year 6 to our first ‘outdoor assembly’ on Thursday to present the children with their Year 6 badges. Further details of how you can engage in our regular assemblies will be communicated as the term progresses. We are very mindful of how vital our assemblies are in building self-confidence in our students and a sense of community for all.

Thank you all for your support as we begin our new school adventure in 2021.

Kind regards,

Deputy Principal – Head of Minimbah Campus