News from the IT Desk

CS in Schools – Programming and Digital Technologies

CS in Schools is a programming/coding course developed by a team led by Professor Hugh Williams, who previously worked in Silicon Valley for companies such as Microsoft and Google. When Hugh returned to Australia, he developed the CS in Schools Programming Course to encourage more students to build programming and digital skills. Woodleigh has been involved in the CS in Schools program for the past three years, and currently, all students in Year 7 and 8 undertake a CS in Schools unit during the year. Channel 7 News recently ran a feature on CS in Schools – please click here to view the video. We will progressively include more of the CS in Schools offerings as their courses develop further over the coming years.

On a related front, we have also refitted our IT Rooms to enhance the digital offerings available to students. More to come on this in a future Newsletter.

Computer Services and Year 10 Computer Upgrade

We are proud of the service we provide to our students and parents with respect to the provision of computers and IT support. All students in the School have access to devices as required, with students at the Senior Campus provided with an individual MacBook. We offer a full computer service, which means that parents should never have to address issues with their child's device. The School manages all warranty issues and damages, and we provide spare / loan laptops whilst computers are being repaired. Students also have a Woodleigh licensed Microsoft' cloud' OneDrive account to sync their files and easily access them on any device, including the school loan computers.

As part of the Woodleigh Computer Program, all Year 10 students are provided with a new, upgraded computer during Term 1. We are currently swapping over the old computers for the latest versions during lunchtime sessions. We are also assisting any students who need help in copying files or reviewing their OneDrive setup. If students require any additional assistance, we ask that they use our helpdesk system by emailing helpdesk@woodleigh,, and a member of the IT team will get back to them as soon as possible.

Senior Campus User Agreements

We aim to provide parents with regular reminders of our Student User Agreements and our MacBook User Agreements. These were recently sent by Operoo, but please find attached links to these documents for your reference.

Year 7-9 MacBook Agreement

Year 10–12 MacBook Agreement