P-Y2 Group News

The end of the year is nearly here! As we come to the end of the year, it's a great time to reflect on the growth and development of your child and be proud of all they have achieved in what has turned out to be another tumultuous year! Whilst it has been a roller-coaster year with many challenges, throughout the constantly changing conditions, the children have proven themselves to be creative, flexible and resilient … with exceptional traits that will serve them well in the future!


It's been wonderful being back in the Prep classroom. The children have loved reconnecting with each other. It's been a busy time getting back into classroom routines, swimming and learning our CREATE dance.

We have continued to focus on the role and purpose of stories and how they can be told in many different ways. We have explored narratives and worked on the structure of stories by investigating characters, settings, plots, and story sequencing. We have created our own characters and used role-play with our characters to tell a story. The children have then been recording their storytelling through illustrations and by having a go at independent writing. The children will start creating and sharing their own stories linked to their interests in the coming weeks.

You may have also heard that the Preps are ''Rockpool Creatures' in our end of year performance called CREATE. Last week we spent time learning our dance routine, movements, filming and wearing our costumes. This year, CREATE will be featured as a movie for you to view…more information to come about how we will screen this with you all.

We are so looking forward to seeing some Prep parents in the classroom in the coming weeks. Please remember to sign up for our live document.

Year 1

It's been so lovely to see all the children in ''real'' life again, and we've spent some beautiful times together reacquainting ourselves with each other (and of course with the class & school routines). The classroom chatter has been full of laughter, interest and expression! Swimming this week has also been a highlight, and we're very grateful that we were able to do this. Some great strokes and flaps were seen by many!!

During our Inquiry unit this term, we have explored how people can use light and sound as a form of expression. The children have experienced the wonderful benefits of Diwali (the Festival of Lights in India and some surrounding neighbours), ASMR (the sensation provoked when listening to certain sounds) and expressing themselves by creating their light provocation

We've also been busy filming our CREATE performance, dressing up and dancing as Leafy Sea Dragons. We have had lots of fun and can't wait to see ourselves at the end of year movie which will be featured on the last evening of our school year.

It's crazy to think that we've only got four weeks left till the end of term and also the end of the school year! Next week we will see us celebrating ARTS at Penbank, and then the following week, we head to Orientation for our year ahead. Whilst we haven't had a lot of time together face to face this year (which we're very sad about), we thank you for all you have done to help your child/ren be the best they can be. As per the correspondence regarding parent helpers - we're are finally able to have you back in the classroom, which we are very excited about. Please sign up where you can - even if it is only for a brief period!

Year 2 - Olivia's Group

With only four weeks to go of the 2021 school year, the Year 2 students are settling back nicely into school life. It has been due to an increased focus on empowering the students with friendship skills.

We recently began a new Unit of Inquiry - ''How we express ourselves''. Our central idea encourages the children to think about how ''Materials can be used and combined in different ways for creative expression''. We've begun to combine plasticine with other materials to bring to life a character for our very own narrative stories that we'll bring to life on Book Creator. So stay tuned! We've also looked at the natural materials that were in abundance at Penbank after the massive storm and created some beautiful ephemeral art.

This week the children have enjoyed some sort of ''normality'' with a visit to the swimming pool where they loved doing something a little different other than the regular school routine. It's been wonderful to get out and do something a little different after all of the missed excursions throughout the year.

We've also been sharks and performed our dance for CREATE. The children have been very creative and could act at very short notice, and are looking forward to seeing themselves on the big screen.

Finally, I'd like to say a very big thank you to you all. I've enjoyed the times we've been together and felt that the children have grown so much throughout the year with everything it threw us. We can only hope that those times are behind us and the children can look forward to some sustained time at school.