PENBANK ELC Rated Exceeding!

It is with great excitement and pride, that we announce that Penbank Early Learning Centre has been assessed and rated as "Exceeding" under the National Quality Standards.

Since we were last assessed as "Exceeding" eight years ago, the classification criteria were amended, making it much tougher to achieve an 'Exceeding' rating. The Woodleigh Early Learning Team has worked hard over the intervening years to build a culture of continuous improvement and best practice. Following our assessment and rating earlier this year, we were delighted to once again receive the rating of "Exceeding the National Quality Standard". This rating was achieved across all seven Quality Areas without exception – an outstanding result for our Early Learning Centre!

"Exceeding the National Quality Standard (NQS) means going above and beyond what is expected at the Meeting NQS level for a standard. All standards in a quality area need to be rated Exceeding for that quality area to be rated Exceeding."

Quotes from the assessment and rating report

"The service showed a strong commitment to creating a dynamic child-initiated - adult-led program that was enriched by nature pedagogy and was inclusive for all children and families. Educators viewed children as capable contributors to the program and valued their unique qualities and abilities. There was an abundance of opportunities for children to have a voice and explore their creative expression. In all aspects of the program, there was a consistent approach from all educators in relation to providing positive guidance to children focusing on supporting children's individual differences."

"Educators were highly motivated to challenge their own thinking and to draw on new ideas and current research to ensure children were receiving the best possible support and opportunities for learning."

"The educational leader (Lisa Coxon) played an important role within the service and her extensive knowledge and passion for the role supported the embedding of high expectations for teaching and learning. There was clear evidence that practices were based on industry best practice and a reflection on current research in the approach to mentoring and supporting the educators. This led to a team of educators that consistently demonstrated a high level of skills and knowledge in all aspects of their practice. The educational leader worked closely with and in collaboration with the school leadership team who together, promoted a culture of positivity, support, and continuous improvement."

"There was an obvious harmony in all educators' approach to teaching and learning that also seamlessly aligned to the school values and guiding principles. The service recognised the importance of striving for best practice and continuously reflected on what they could do to improve outcomes for children and families."

Head of Early Childhood