Policies, Procedures and Their Role in School Management

Like all schools, Woodleigh is governed by many policies and procedures. Policies help us be clear about our systems and processes and ensure we can provide a safe environment for all members of our community. Our policies give us clear direction and help build a philosophical statement about how we operate our school, and help guide our decision-making.

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In a school environment, our high-risk policies include policies around Child Protection and Student Safety, OHS, and the management of students with medical conditions, like anaphylaxis. These high-risk policies are approved by the Woodleigh School Board and reviewed annually. Our Child Safety Policies, Code of Conduct and Anaphylaxis Management Policy extract are all listed and can be viewed on our School website for access by our School community. Some of these policies are required by ministerial order to be reviewed annually and meet minimum standards of content and format. 

As we review and update policies, we incorporate changes into both the policies and the procedures that support them. For example, we are currently updating our sign-in and registration processes at Reception following a review and update to our Child Safety and Protection Policy. 

We now require all visitors and volunteers to sign in through Reception at each campus. This process is to ensure that adults who come onsite are familiar with our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, and to provide a Working with Children Check number or Victorian Institute of Teaching membership number. 

Parents who are visiting the School on parental business are not required to sign in. 

It is our goal as a school to provide a safe learning and working environment for all members of our community, whilst still maintaining the unique experiences that are central to a Woodleigh education. Our policies and procedures, coupled with a rigorous approach towards risk assessment and management, enable this to occur. 

If any member of our community has questions regarding policies and processes, high-level policies are available on our website, and other policies and processes are available upon request from the Principal's Office. 

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