Project Rockit – Year 6

Project Rockit will run two leadership and personal development sessions with our Year 6 students over the coming weeks. The first of these sessions will take place tomorrow Monday 29 February, with the second being held on Monday 16 March.

The first session, called ‘Step Up’ focuses on:

  • How students' personal leadership skills are developed through a range of active and reflective challenges
  • Providing opportunities for students to build on their strengths, develop resilience and stand up for what they believe in
  • Exploring how personal or 'everyday' leadership works for both formal leadership roles and the broader student body.

The second session, ‘Sync’:

  • Presents a range of in-touch, realistic strategies for students in dealing with (cyber)bullying and creating positive connections online
  • Facilitates empathy for targets of cyberbullying through fun and safe communication challenges and real-life stories
  • Aims to highlight the online world as a realm of endless possibility and the challenges that come with this, including the rapid spread of information, miscommunications and (cyber)bullying. 

The sessions a run by young people with personal stories and connections to the content they are teaching. Further information is available at: