Research partnership with the University of Melbourne

New Metrics for Success is a ground-breaking research-practice partnership between the University of Melbourne and selected Australian schools focused on expanding assessment practice to improve a range of holistic outcomes for students. I am delighted to let you know that Woodleigh School has been chosen as a founding member of this project to recognise our strong reputation as an innovative learning place. The collaboration seeks to provide excellent and valuable ways of measuring growth in the capabilities that sit at the heart of a Woodleigh Education, such as creative thinking, intercultural understanding, self-management, and collaboration. As well as benefitting teaching and learning at our school, the project aims to inform new ways of measuring student success at a school, state, and national level.

The schools selected for this partnership have been chosen as they are seen as leading thinking at a national level concerning providing education relevant to the contemporary social, economic, environmental, and technological environment in which we live. The leader of the project, Professor Sandra Milligan, has noted that: "the distinctive 20-century version of schooling is past its use-by date". She argues that education in Australia needs to move beyond the narrow definitions of success offered by NAPLAN and ATAR towards the measurement of both subject knowledge and the kinds of attributes that families, communities, businesses, and higher education are looking for in our young people. In this way, the project can be seen to build upon the work we have been doing over several years on the development of a curriculum that supports students to think critically, solve complex problems, drive their learning, and engage productively in a rapidly changing world.

The New Metrics partnership will initially run for two years. It will provide our school leaders and teachers with the opportunity to collaborate with globally recognised researchers and experts to explore new approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. Significantly, the partnership will help us find new ways of capturing, communicating, and celebrating our young people's unique strengths, passions, interests, and achievements.

I look forward to sharing regular updates on our progress with this project in the years ahead.

Director of Learning, Strategy, and Innovation