Senior Campus Update

“Adversity does not build character. It reveals it.” James Lane Allen

There is no denying we find ourselves at a point in time that is evolving, challenging, and scary. And more than ever, character will help us get through this chapter of our lives. A Woodleigh education has always focussed on what many call Character Education. At its heart, character education deals with qualities and attitudes, personality, and strength of character. It comes from experiences, real-world learning, and periods of reflection.

Rehearsals continue for Woodleigh's production of The Crucible. Being performed as a radio play on August 20 & 21

So how does this help us in a crisis? For many, random acts of kindness are a way of finding purpose and caring for others. And they are lovely. They help us to connect with others. They can brighten someone’s day and remind us that caring for others makes us feel good. At times like this, it is also necessary to keep sight of the need for random acts of kindness on those closest to us. It is a moment to pause, celebrate, and show our gratitude to the ones we love most; our children, our parents, our partners, and our friends. 

Over the past week or two, many in our Woodleigh community have revealed their character, focus on brightening someone else’s day. 

Roisin took the time to organise a food drop for people in 'lockdown' in the city. Liv and Gretel have been making masks for others and harnessed a committed team of students, many of whom are now spending their lunchtimes producing more masks for those in our wider community, especially for residents at Peninsula Grange Aged Care. Others like Elle and Hannah have been incredibly supportive and a great friends just because they can. Then there are the students like Levon, who focus on doing their absolute best in the classroom, taking advantage of opportunities to improve their work, but always showing their appreciation of our dedicated teachers. They constantly challenge and support our students to flourish. Alex wrote to her grandma just because she wanted to smile at them, while Milla wrote to her grandparents (that are interstate) to brighten their day. Zoe learned a new recipe to cook for her family. Braeden won a Drama challenge when he spoke about a topic without using a list of specific words, and then shared his prize (including donuts!) with his sister!

These are, but a few examples noted over the past week or so. Our Woodleigh community cares passionately about what happens in the future to our world. These acts show our community is full of courageous and compassionate young leaders taking small steps to make a difference in someone’s day. 

VCE Classes

Students continue to embrace their face to face classes and take advantage of their learning experiences. Zoom classes are continuing if a teacher cannot teach on-site for any reason (such as if they are medically vulnerable or indeed have COVID symptoms or awaiting a test result). In these circumstances, we will always have a teacher support the students, be it via Zoom or in-person when a teacher is teaching via Zoom, where practical and an additional staff member will be in the room to supervise. 

Temperatures and Masks

Another way we show our character is through our care and respect for others. We thank all members of our community for embracing the temperature checks. Along with hygiene, temperature checks and masks are but single strategies to minimise the spread of COVID-19. As one student put it, “I’m keeping you safe, and thank you for doing the same for me.” 

A reminder, too, that students are required to wear face masks while on buses. For effective use, disposable face masks should only be worn for a maximum of four hours. All masks, including fabric ones, lose their effectiveness when they become damp. These masks should be securely attached at all times. 

COVID-19 symptoms?

The advice here remains the same; any person with COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, or sore throat must stay off-campus. More information is available at

As always, please take care of yourselves, and please speak to your son or daughter’s Tutor or a Senior Staff member if we can be of any support. 

If you have any questions or further queries, please do let me know.

Stay safe and stay connected,

Deputy Principal – Acting Head of Senior Campus