'So Far Away' to be preserved for future generations by Museums Victoria

'So Far Away'… The Woodleigh Senior Campus Zoom theatre performance, which aired in June 2020, continues to get recognition for being ahead of the curve!

The curator at Museums Victoria, Michael Reason, saw 'So Far Away' and asked to preserve the project as part of Collecting the CurveCollecting the Curve Is a virtual showcase documenting the story of the COVID-19 pandemic as we experienced it in Victoria.

Michael said he was… "impressed and amazed by what the students have achieved. It is relevant to our Collecting the Curve project both by the content and by the way it was produced."

Collecting the Curve

Is a Victorian State Museum initiative aimed at capturing this extraordinary moment in time. It focused on human and intimate stories of communities coming together to support one another and of people finding new ways to stay connected while maintaining social distancing in lockdown.

We are thrilled that the performance will be preserved. When we made 'So Far Away,' we knew that we were documenting the experience uniquely. To our knowledge, no other school attempted to create a work like this during the first lockdown. 'So Far Away' showcases student voices from Woodleigh Senior Campus. Preserving it in the Victorian Museum collection will enable it to live on with a historical perspective.

'So Far Away' has also been selected as part of the 2021 Australian Independent Schools Victoria, Arts Learning Festival. Melinda Hargreaves, Festival Director, said, "Your multi-year level student film was such a great example of so many aspects of learning, performance, and film making. We are enthusiastic for others in education to see what you have been able to achieve."

While most schools closed their curtains on theatre performances this year, Woodleigh found unique ways to keep theatre alive. With close to 1400 views and these exciting upcoming opportunities, the 'So Far Away' performance now has a life beyond Woodleigh.

If you haven't seen it or wish to watch it again, click below:

Thanks again to staff and students who each played a role in bringing the project to life.

Director of Drama