So much happening!

On any given day at Minimbah, there is plenty going on. But over the past few weeks, the staff and children have been in overdrive!

As we pass the half-way mark of the term, a snapshot of recent activity includes Year 5 at Sovereign Hill, Year 6 visiting Bosch for a STEM experience, Year 3 and 4 engaging in the Waste Pioneers Program and the Dairy Industry’s Picasso Cow Program, Aerobics success with two teams qualifying for the National competition, a great PFG Disco and parent Comedy Night; both organised by the PFG. A successful Girls' Footy competition, Year 5 participating in Health and Human Development classes, Year 5 and 6 participating in both the Tournament of Minds and Maths Talent Quest and Year 6 preparing for ‘Time After Time', their 2019 Production! 

And here’s what’s coming up! ...