Sport News

Welcome back to the 2021 school year. After missing out on so much sport last year, it's exciting to provide several opportunities for our students to participate. The benefits of being involved in sport extend well beyond the physical. I want to encourage all students to get involved in the many different sport offerings that our school provides. There is something for everyone, from competitive team sport to general fitness activities.

Key Sports Dates Term 1

  • 29 January FDBA Summer Season resumes
  • 2 February Homestead Swimming Carnival – Pines Aquatic Centre
  • 2 February FDBA Basketball - Training continues for current players
  • 3 February Woodleigh Sailing training continues – Mornington Yacht Club
  • 4 February FDNA Netball - Training commences
  • 9 February Swim training begins – Core 24 Somerville
  • 10 February School Teams Sailing Competition commences
  • 10 February FDBA Basketball – Training starts for Year 7's and new players
  • 11 February SIS Senior Weekly Sport commences
  • 12 February SIS Intermediate Weekly Sport commences
  • 12 February FDNA Term 1 Netball - Season commences
  • 23 February Homestead Athletics Carnival – Casey Fields
  • 12 March SIS Swim Relay Carnival – Pines Aquatic Centre

SIS Swimming Carnivals

The SIS Swim Relay Carnival will be held at Pines Aquatic Centre on Friday 12 March. This session is used as a lead event for the SIS Swimming Carnival, held as a daytime carnival at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on Thursday 27 April. There is also an SIS Swim Squad Activity running throughout Unit 1, where all of our swimmers are strongly encouraged to do this activity to prepare well for these events.

Key contacts – Cam Macindoe & Debs Kesterson (Swimming Coordinators)

Before School Swim Training

In Term 1, Swim training will take place from 7:00-8:00 am, for competent swimmers, at Core 24 Somerville, Grant Rd, Somerville. Students will then be transported back to school and arrive around 8:20 am. Students will need to supply their breakfast. These sessions are open to those students who are part of our Swim Squad and competent swimmers looking to improve their fitness. This program's cost is $30 per term as part of our Sports Club program – if you are already playing after-school Basketball or Netball, there will be no additional charge for attending these sessions.

Key contacts – Cam Macindoe & Debs Kesterson (Swimming Coordinators)

FDBA Summer Season

Summer Season matches have resumed after the school holiday break. This season continues right through to the end of Term 1, with Grand Finals taking place between the 27 March – 1 April. The Winter Season will commence in Term 2. Students are strongly encouraged to train to work on both individual skills and team skills and develop their fitness and game awareness. Year 7 students and students keen to join a team for the Winter Season are encouraged to attend Term 1 training sessions on a Wednesday. Existing players (both boys' and girls') should attend the Tuesday session. 

  • Training (existing players) – Tuesdays 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm 
  • Training (Year 7's and new players) – Wednesdays 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Key contact – Lee Burch (Basketball Coordinator)

FDNA Netball – Term 1 Season

The Term 1 competition will commence on Friday 12 February. Training will be held in the Gym on Thursdays after school from 4:00 – 5:15 pm during Term 1. We are excited to have Jane Baker join our Netball program this year. Students interested in joining a team, regardless of experience, will be placed into a group for Term 1. The short season is an excellent way to give a new sport a try. Participating students from all year levels are strongly encouraged to come along to training. 

Key contact – Ben Davenport (Netball Coordinator)

SIS Weekly Sport 

The following sports are on offer during Term 1:

Senior (Year 11/12)                                                            

  • Girls Soccer (Michael Paxino) 
  • Girls Handball (Deb Kesterson)
  • Boys Soccer (Lee Burch) 
  • Girls Volleyball (Lee Burch)

Intermediate (Year 9/10)

  • Girls Handball (Deb Kesterson)
  • Girls Volleyball (Lee Burch)
  • Boys Cricket (Ben Davenport)
  • Boys Handball (Bill Higgins)
  • Boys Cricket (Ben Davenport)
  • Boys Handball (Bill Higgins)

These interschool competitions commence on 11 & 12 February

Homestead Athletics Carnival

The Homestead Athletics Carnival will be held at Casey Fields on Tuesday, 23 February. Performances on this day will be taken into consideration when selecting the SIS Athletics Squad later in the year. There will also be a range of novelty events, including tug-of-war and the sack race.  

Other events

Woodleigh will also be competing in Sailing, Equestrian, and several other sporting events throughout the term. Details of these will be advertised at school as they come to hand.

Sporting achievements

I'd love to hear about our students' success with their sporting achievements out in the community. Please feel free to drop me an email. 

If anyone has any enquiries about the Sports Program, please feel free to contact me. 

Director of Sport