Term 1 Activities fun!

Check out all the action from Term 1 Activities!

Photography and Adobe Photoshop

Students explored manipulating photos using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. They recreated images using photos they’d taken by changing the exposure, contrast, filters, and effects.


Students have learnt and experimented with the power of nature, by making a range of products using essential oils – including a facial!

Zine Making

Zines are small circulations of self-published work. Students also had access to a 1965 Royal Safari Typewriter.

Clay Pots – Big Ones!

Students designed, made and decorated their own large clay pots. Various techniques and stoneware glazes were explored to create textural surfaces to complete the project.

Glass Slumping

Students created and constructed their own unique fused and slumped glass projects.

Sewing Eco-friendly Boomerang Bags

Students developed their sewing skills, while embracing all things sustainable. Students created Boomerang Bags using recycled fabrics to be given to delegates at the Round Square conference that Woodleigh is hosting during the Term 1 school holidays.

Snorkel Diver

Students made the most of the summer sun and warmer waters, while exploring the world underwater. The Mornington Peninsula beaches played host to our Year 7 students as they developed their snorkelling skills and wondered at marine life.

Design, Build and Ride a Mountain Bike Skills Park

Work on Woodleigh School's own Mountain Bike Skills Park continues to take shape as students refine and perfect the track, to challenge their riding skills.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

Delicious, Thai Green Curry. Tempting the taste buds.

Design and Make Your Own Jewellery

Students have created jewellery for themselves or someone special.

Brian Henderson Reserve – Care and Construction

Students learn and assist with the day-to-day running of the Brian Henderson Reserve; feeding animals, weed removal, assist with pest animal control, planting plants and more.

The Woodleigh Farm

Caring for the animals and plants is order of the day at the Woodleigh Farm. Being hands-on and in the outdoors, while having fun.

We're all looking forward to Unit 3 Activities – starting on 29 April!