Thank you

As we head into the final two weeks of the 2021 school year, I would like to share the following poem penned by Brian Bilston. Very little is known about him other than fragments of information revealed on social media. Although written last year, it rings as accurate as ever. I thank you all for the kindness you have shown one another through what has been another challenging year for us all. Thank you for looking out for one another, for the messages of support, for the kind gestures of goodwill, for a welcoming smile or a wave at drop-off or pick-up, and your unwavering support of the Minimbah Team of Teachers and Support Staff. We appreciate you enormously.


To recap what we now know: it did not begin in a laboratory in Wuhan, nor with a pangolin or bat, but it already lay dormant within us, like a seed in need of certain conditions to grow;

its symptoms are many and various, and may include some, or all, of the following: teardrops, sudden laughter, a feeling of warmth, and a peculiar uplifting of the heart;

it leaves its traces everywhere: from boxes left on doorsteps to conversations over fences; it can be transmitted over vast distances, through a phone call, or from a smile across a street,

or a certain softness of tone spoken beside a hospital bed; it affects young and old equally; there is no race or gender immune from it; it has the power to topple bad governments;

if one person were to pass it on to just three others and they, in turn, were to pass it on to three more, in no time at all, the world would be full of it, and where, might we ask ourselves, would we be then?

Brian Bilston

I may not get another chance here in the Messenger, so I extend my very best wishes to you all for the forthcoming holidays. I wish you much happiness, and to those leaving our beautiful campus, especially our departing Year 6 students, I wish you a great new start in 2022 and amazing adventures ahead.

Merry Christmas, and we look forward to welcoming you to a bright and beautiful new school year on Monday 31 January 2022.

Year 6 Dinner – Thanks

Last Friday, after many anxious moments of; would it be on, would it be canceled, we held the Year 6 Dinner. The pictures tell the story! After the year we have had, it was beautiful to celebrate the end of the children’s pre-school and primary years. Our departing class of 2021 enjoyed a fabulous night of festivities. Special thanks to Angie Tenace and Rebecca Tserimetha, who led a team of parent supporters who planned, created, decorated and ensured, that the Year 6 students would long remember their special night.

Staffing News

I am hoping to be able to confirm staffing for 2022 in the coming days. I plan to have staffing settled before the children do their step-up morning on Monday, 6 December.

‘Perberkoong’ – Wednesday 1 December

On Wednesday 1 December, we will have our end-of-year, whole school event. ‘Perberkoong’ involves all students from Foundation to Year 4 plus selected Year 5 and 6 students. Participating students will be bussed to the Woodleigh Campus for rehearsals on the day, leaving at 10:30 am and returning at 1:30 pm. Students will need to bring sunscreen and a hat for this rehearsal as the Bush Chapel is outdoors. Please pack a drink and lunch. Our Foundation class will also rehearse at the Senior campus on Monday 29 November.

Details for Performers

  • All children should arrive no later than 6.30 pm and be dropped off at V6 and V7 (near Senior Homestead at the Woodleigh Campus).
  • All Nativity costumes will be provided. Children in Years 1 and 2 will be given their outfits (black pants and red t-shirt) on Wednesday and should wear these to Perberkoong on Wednesday evening. Foundation students should arrive in light-coloured shorts or leggings and a white t-shirt or singlet. They will be assisted to change into costumes by staff. All costumes should be returned in a clean condition to school no later than Monday 4 December.
  • Please note the following footwear for the evening: Foundation – clean black school shoes with white socks. Year 1 and 2 – clean black school shoes.
  • Year 3 and 4 Choir plus selected Year 5 and 6 students should wear clean school uniforms, including black shoes (no runners).
  • Following the Nativity – Foundation students will be escorted to V6 and V7 (near Senior Homestead). Years 1 to 6 students will be provided with supervised seating at the front of the Bush Chapel.
  • Parents of Foundation – Year 2 students are asked to wait until the conclusion of Perberkoong before making their way to V6 and V7 (near Senior Homestead) or the front of the Bush Chapel to collect their children.
  • It is anticipated that the service will conclude at approximately 8.30 pm

Other items to note

  • Due to the early start, there will be no candles.
  • It is recommended that insect repellent be worn.
  • It is requested that food and drink not be taken to the event.
  • Parents are asked to remain in the Bush Chapel for the entire event.
  • Children can be collected from either the front of the Bush Chapel (Years 1 to 6) or from V6 and V7 (Foundation) after the service.

2022 Step-up Morning

To assist with preparing the students for 2022, we will hold a step-up morning on Monday 6 December from 11.10 am – 1.10 pm. The children will all step up into their classrooms for 2022 and spend some time getting to know their new teacher.

Year 6 Graduation – Tuesday 7 December

We are looking forward to celebrating our Year 6 students at the annual Graduation to be held on the Minimbah Oval commencing at 6.00 pm on Tuesday 7 December. The outdoor event will showcase our Year 6 students, and they will be presented with their graduation certificates. Family and Friends are welcome to attend. Food trucks will be serving dinner after the graduation ceremony before the premiere of the Year 6 Production, The Hidden Tales of Hunter Inkwell.

Please note this will be an alcohol-free event.

Year 6 Production Premiere

Tuesday 7 December – Minimbah Oval

Following the Year 6 Graduation, we cordially invite all school community members to the Premier of The Hidden Tales of Hunter Inkwell, the 2021 Year 6 Production. The living embodiment of resilience and tenacity, our Director, Serena Wong, Year 6 staff, and students, along with specialist staff, have pulled off the impossible to present a filmed version of this student-written and wholly original mystery musical. Tickets are now on sale here. Please note that the production will screen at sun-down (approximately 8.30 pm) following the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony, concluding at about 7.45 pm—all welcome. Food trucks serving pizza and gelati will provide the perfect meal for those staying through or for those wanting to join the premiere festivities.

BYO Drinks (no glass, no alcohol), picnic, and folding chairs. Please note this will be an alcohol-free event.

Excursions Update – Beach Picnics

Weather permitting, our PFG Beach Picnics will go ahead in 2021. On Tuesday 7 December, Foundation to Year 3 will travel by bus to Bonbeach Lifesaving Club for beach games and lunch. On Wednesday 8 December, Years 4 to 6 will do the same. All children must bring a towel, runners, hat, and sunscreen. A drink bottle is also essential. Morning tea and lunch will be supplied.

Final Assembly – Friday 10 December

Our final event of the school year will be hosted by Year 6 in the Minimbah Courtyard. The assembly will commence at 2.00 pm and conclude with the highly anticipated Year 6 pool jump at approximately 2.45 pm. Parents, please note, parking will be at a premium

Final Update of Calendar Dates for 2021

  • Monday 29 November Foundation Perberkoong rehearsal at Senior Campus
  • Monday 29 November Twilight Enrolment Tour, 4.30 pm
  • Wednesday 1 December Perberkoong rehearsals at Senior Campus
  • Wednesday 1 December Perberkoong, 7.00 pm Bush Chapel, Senior Campus
  • Thursday 2 December ECC Assembly, 8.50 am Minimbah Courtyard
  • Monday 6 December Year 6 Transition Morning at the Senior Campus, 8.50 am – 12.00 pm
  • Monday 6 December Step Up Morning – 11.10 am – 1.10pm
  • Tuesday 7 December Year 6 Graduation, 6.00 pm, Minimbah Oval
  • Tuesday 7 December F - 3 Beach Picnic, Bonbeach Life Saving Club, 9.15 am – 2.00 pm
  • Tuesday 7 December Foundation 2022 Student Orientation
  • Wednesday 8 December 4 – 6 Beach Picnic, Bonbeach Life Saving Club, 9.15 am – 2.00 pm
  • Friday 10 December Early Finish for 3yo ECC, 1.00pm
  • Friday 10 December Final Assembly, 2.00 pm, Minimbah Courtyard
  • Friday 10 December Term 4 Concludes, 3.20pm


  • Monday 31 January Term 1 Commences
  • Monday 31 January ECC and Foundation Family Interviews
  • Tuesday 1 February ECC Family Interviews continue
  • Tue 1 February – Fri 4 February Foundation half days; classes conclude at 12.30 pm
  • Wed 2 February – Fri 11 February ECC Orientation Schedule
  • Wednesday 2 February ECC – Year 6 Parent Information Evening
  • Monday 7 February Foundation full-time commences

Deputy Principal – Head of Minimbah Campus