Thank you for an amazing first term!

​I take this opportunity through the Messenger to thank you all for your support during this first term of 2022. The Minimbah Staff and I have all been so happy having the children back full time, and despite the continued challenges the pandemic throws at us, we have seen renewed engagement and enthusiasm for activities and learning at school.

I acknowledge the difficulties many families have faced with family members succumbing to COVID, or household contact isolation. I am so grateful for your continued support of the rapid antigen test surveillance program and the children's compliance with mask-wearing. I am confident that these, along with other school-based measures, have seen us maintain a low level of infections through the student body and staffing group. It remains a strong priority to keep the staff and students safe and work to keep our wonderful teachers healthy and in front of your children.

We have much to look forward to!

We are forging ahead with plans for our Year 6 students to travel to Canberra early next term. Our Year 6 students have been auditioning for lead roles in our upcoming whole school production of Disney's The Little Mermaid, which we hope will be presented to a live audience in Term 3.

Whilst some of our much-loved events have not been held this term, Grandparent's Day has been rescheduled for late in Term 3, and I am working with the PFG to reimagine family-friendly events, which will bring our wonderful community together.

I was pleased to be able to present our Year 6 students to parents and friends at their recent assembly.

This special assembly saw all Year 6 students presented with their Year 6 badges, a unique symbol of the hope we have that they will lead well and represent themselves confidently throughout their final year of primary school. I know they care deeply for Minimbah, and I wish them all the best for the remainder of 2022.

I wish you all the very best for the holidays which follow our Sports day on Friday 8 April. School will commence for Term 2, on Wednesday 27 April.

Harmony Day Picnic

Thank you to the many families and friends who joined us at our Penbank Campus for last week's Harmony Day Picnic. It was a wonderful celebration of peace and understanding and a timely reminder for us all to support those who are facing much harder and more challenging times. Thank you also for your support of the School's Indigenous Scholarship Fund.

Ghostpatrol – A Minimbah Mural

The Year 5 and 6 Minimbah cohort were recently fortunate to collaborate with the artist Ghostpatrol aka David Booth.

The process included the children sketching their ideas around the theme of native Australian animals. David then incorporated as many student ideas as possible into one cohesive and creative design.

From there, David outlined the drawings in paint onto the large walled area surrounding the Canteen. Every student in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to paint directly onto the wall and make their mark. It was wonderful witnessing how David connected with our students as well as being able to provide them with such a rich experience. The end result is something our Year 5/6 students can be proud of, given that they each had a hand in creating it. The added benefit of hosting an Artist in residence is that the creative experience leaves our school community with a superb mural that we all can now share and enjoy!

Student Reflections

In Weeks 4 and 6, an artist, David Booth, came in for an incursion to show us his art and his book that he has not published yet.

I remembered his name because I wanted to find his art using Safari, and now I have one of his artworks as my iPad background.

After recess on the first day, we played an art game and drew some pictures that he could turn into a piece of art.

After we gave our pictures to him, he returned two weeks later to paint the art around the canteen that we helped him to create.

Kevin Y5

I liked painting with David a lot because we got to paint the creatures we created. We even had the chance to paint at lunchtime and do the outlines. David Is a very creative artist, and I really enjoyed painting with him. He is very kind for letting us paint. It was fun even though I got paint on my clothes!

Mae Y5

David Booth is an artist who came in to help us create a marvellous mural for outside the Canteen. Years 5 and 6 collaborated with David to create a real masterpiece. This was an uplifting activity that really brought the Homestead together. We loved the Aussie animal theme and also the true Aussie colours of green and gold. The mural really brightens the area. The whole Homestead thanks David for all the effort he put into helping us create the mural.

Ashanah and Ruby M Y6

News from Mark Roden's Sports Desk!

Foundation – Year 6 Buddy Swimming

Once again, it was a very warm start to the year, and the swimming pool was a very welcome asset. It has been great to see the 'Buddy' system between Foundation and Year 6 students working so well, as many of the Foundation students are initially quite hesitant and unsure in the water. With the added security and guidance of their Year 6 Buddies, this hesitancy soon disappears, with very pleasing results.

Minimbah Team Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 9 March, all students in Years 3 – 6 travelled to Mornington Secondary College to participate in the annual Team Swimming Carnival. A great day was had by all - competing in boogie board, noodle, kickboard and freestyle races. The most hotly contested event of the day was, in fact, the last one, which was the Year 6 open freestyle relay. In a nail-biting finish, the Blue Sea Dragons narrowly defeated the Gold Barracudas, resulting in the first championship win for the Sea Dragons in over eight years. Well done to all the students for their fantastic efforts!

Final scores were

Blue Sea Dragons – 244 Gold Barracudas – 236 Green Stingrays – 220 Red Sharks – 220

Special thanks to the Year 10 students – Levi, Lachie, Marley and Alistair, who acted as finishing officials and judges.

Northern Peninsula Division Swimming Championships

It has been another fantastic year of swimming at Minimbah. The students worked extremely hard with sensational results. Of the 58 events available in the Bayside District Swimming Team (comprising 12 schools), Minimbah filled 18 events to compete in the Northern Peninsula Division Swimming Championships (comprising 40 schools) at The Pines Forest Aquatic Centre in Frankston North on Wednesday 16 March. Congratulations to all students involved to the many students who gave up lunchtimes to undertake training sessions in the school pool.

11-Year-Old Girls

Samaya Boatwright Mae Inchley Harper Scott Tilly Falkingham Gabriella McGuiness

11-Year-Old Boys

Cooper Rix Zac Cooke Ethan Gately Finn McMillan

12/13-Year-Old Boys

Lachlan Palmer Nate Shepherd Ruben Charlton Luca Dwyer-Morris

12/13-Year-Old Girls

Ruby Marshall Poppy Ressom Livia Johnson Claudia Dorward

Girls Open Medley

Tilly Falkingham – Backstroke Samaya Boatwright – Breaststroke Claudia Dorward – Butterfly Ruby Marshall - Freestyle

Boys Open Medley

Lachie Palmer Backstroke Nate Shepherd – Breaststroke Izy McConnell – Butterfly Cooper Rix – Freestyle

Flood Relief – Crazy Sock inspired, fundraising efforts for the Red Cross

Congratulations to Year 5 students Harper, Mae, Tilly, Eve and Olivia, who raised $350, which has been donated to the Red Cross Flood Relief. Thanks to all for your support of the day and of the students.

Canteen Update

Please note that our Canteen will move to a four-day operation (Tuesday – Friday) from the beginning of Term 2. Stir Crazy Kids has determined that the low levels of orders on Mondays cannot justify the staffing and stock levels. All enquiries about the Canteen should be forwarded to Stir Crazy Kids. Please also note, the Canteen will not operate on Thursday 31 March but will reopen for hot dog day on Friday 1 April.

Minimbah and Penbank Sports Day – Friday 8 April

We look forward to bringing our Junior Campus students together on Friday, 8 April, for a Sports Day.

Commencing at 10am and concluding at 1pm, all children from Foundation to Year 6 will participate in a range of sporting activities throughout the morning.

Foundation to Year 2 students will travel to the Penbank Campus for their activities. Year 3 and 4 students will stay at Minimbah, and Year 5 and 6 students will travel to the Senior Campus. Parents and friends are welcome to attend and support the children in their endeavours.

Final Term 1 Calendar Dates

  • Tuesday 29 March – School Photos (Foundation to Year 6 and Sibling Groups)
  • Thursday 31 March – Foundation Assembly
  • Thursday 31 March – No canteen
  • Friday 1 April – Bayside District Athletics – selected students
  • Friday 8 April – Minimbah and Penbank combined Sports Day 10am – 1pm
  • 8 April April – Term 1 concludes at 3.20pm
  • Monday 25 April – ANZAC Day Holiday
  • Tuesday 26 April – Staff Professional Learning Day
  • Wednesday 27 April – Term 2 Commences

Deputy Princpal – Head of Minimbah Campus