The Activities Program from a Teacher's Perspective

Like most of my colleagues at Woodleigh, I find myself time poor in being able to pursue my passions outside of school. For me, it is sewing. I love being able to choose fabrics, decide what I want to make and then sew.

Over the last 18 years, the Activities Program has allowed me to explore my passion and share this with so many students.

Teaching the students to use a sewing machine- threading it and winding a bobbin, and gaining confidence in sewing simple things is such a reward. Going to Spotlight with the students to allow them to buy their fabric for their sewing project has always been a highlight; but the greatest feat is in getting the students to cut out their pattern pieces, learn how to pin/ or tack them together, and then finally sew the pieces together to make an original product. Yes, there are great mistakes made, and students often have to unpick their sewing, only to learn that their perseverance has paid off.

Over the years, we have made shorts, pyjamas, dresses, shirts with collars and buttons, wrap-around skirts, Boomerang bags, lined shoulder bags, and hoodies. We've recycled feed bags to make aprons and utility bags, and in Term 1, 2022, a group of students just finished making Japanese Bento bags.

Being involved in the Activities Program is so rewarding; so many of the skills I grew up with are being lost, and it is gratifying to see that young people want to know new things and discover through experiential learning.

It is such a privilege to be a part of this program at Woodleigh School.