Year 7 Poems

The sky.

A canvas of alluring blue. The ceiling of the world.

The waves.

A curtain bestowing away submerged beauty. The last waves showcase a final upheaval of effort, then defeatedly wade ashore, and peacefully retreat into the ocean.

The sun.

Backstage, drizzling luxurious warmth across sandbanks and seabeds.

The rocks.

Statuesque and poised, proud to withstand the voracious waves.

The sand.

A beige, widespread mattress, ground the bed frame, ocean the quilt and the cliffs behind the stony headpiece.

The clouds.

A silky panel of stratus, resembling a deflated variety of the frothy, bulging cumulus galloping the sky.

The seashells and stones.

Embedded in the sand, scallops and sandstones, mussels and basalt. Glinting at the sunlight.

The swell.

Mountains of cerulean capped with a snowy blizzard, peak along the shoreline, then collapse as soapy, alabaster avalanches.

The mist.

Roams the air, erupts from the waves crashing into the rockpools, and showers the beach.

The breeze.

Ricochets off your face and passes through sunsets of Autumn leaves and vibrant bouquets of dandelions.

The cliffs.

The stadium circling the beach. Ornamented with shrubs and succulents, the weathered sandstone sprayed with sea-spray and salt.

The horizon.

Moulds the two mysterious blues together. A lumpy blotch of grey the hills in the distance.

The land. The sea. The sky.

Separated. Combined.

Different. Alike.

Unite. Here.



In this piece, I used many different types of rhyme. The main form of rhyme I chose to use was alliteration, however, I broke up the alliteration sometimes so that the poem made sense and conveyed the message I wanted it to share. The main reason that I used alliteration was to create the harsh effect of tapping keys, I also used it to create a sense of repetition along with repeating one phrase. Other types of rhyme I used are pararhyme, common rhyme, reverse rhyme, assonance, and consonance, these also helped to create a feeling of repetition as many of them are about repeating one, or a series of, letters. 

This poem would be best read aloud so that I could use speed to properly share the story, but it still makes sense read with the typewriter's font.