The Woodleigh Reader – September 2020

Reading Habits in Lockdown – Have they changed?

First, we were on campus. Then off, then on again, and now – off. It’s essential that we all #MaskUp #StayHome and aim for #ZeroCovid. But have students reading habits changed? And how are they managing to get hold of books to read without access to the physical library collections?

The answer is – Yes, to both questions!

And the reason is – Wheelers ePlatform!

Human beings are incredibly adaptable. From babies learning to walk to older people navigating new technology, humans love learning about and utilising new things. And the library staff have witnessed evidence of that in the way that students and staff are accessing and using the ebook and digital audiobook collections on Wheelers.

There are about 3000 titles on Wheelers, for readers of all ages. Have a look at these statistics from the last 12 months.

During the last 12 months, more than 500 titles have been borrowed by the Woodleigh community. Five hundred and nine to be exact

But here is the amazing thing – in the seven months between September 2019 and March 2020, there were just 158 loans. In April this year, there were another 33 loans. In May, the number of loans tripled to 112, with a small drop-off in transactions over the holidays, which rose again in Term 3, as students and staff borrowed 126 titles in July and August. 

Between April and August this year, Woodleigh readers borrowed 351 titles – 351! That’s a fantastic effort! Keep on reading, Woodleigh Readers!

You can find plenty of great titles on our Wheelers account – just log in using your Woodleigh username and password

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Head of Libraries & Senior Campus Teacher-Librarian