TOPshots 2020-21 winner

Anika McClean (2020) is the TOPshots 2020-21 winner. Her artwork, ‘Knocking on COVID’s door’ was completed last year for Studio Arts. A wonderful achievement for Woodleigh and Anika.

" 'Knocking on Covid's Door' was my Studio Arts final that I completed in 2020. Being in the depths of the Covid lockdown, I found that creativity became a breath of fresh air away from the never-ending zoom calls. I aimed to demonstrate the lockdowns as a connected and universal experience through the repetitions and familiarity of the ‘front door step’ in order to represent the differences in individual experience with the same fundamentals. I explored solvent transfers using eucalyptus oil to exemplify this theme of the transferring of experience and used the progression of the seasonal colour schemes between the panels to illustrate the passing of time."

Anika McClean Y12 2020