សួស្តី / suostei / Hello from Cambodia!

After a 26-hour door-to-door journey, we arrived exhausted, but happy, in Kampot, Cambodia.

Our first day at Chumkriel Language School was met with much anticipation, and Mr Thy, the school director, was extremely grateful to receive all 16 laptops, bags, mouse pads, and mice. The laptops are now being loaded with software and will be ready for student use early next week. This year’s education theme for our Woodleigh students relates to the importance of reducing plastic waste, so our students have been busily creating lessons, games, songs, and worksheets which help to reinforce this message.

If you are interested in following along with our journey, please click here for the photo album – which will be added to daily. Woodleigh students are also creating a daily blog, and each day a different student will reflect & report on their experience. To follow the blog, please Clickhere.

We are so grateful for this opportunity, and would like to thank everyone for the huge team effort in making this trip a possibility.