I trust this finds you all well as we reach the half-way point of the term. Despite our current situation, it has been pleasing to see how we have been endeavouring to make connections with one another. Last week I enjoyed spending time with the Year 5 students as they travelled back in time to learn about life on the goldfields. I also enjoyed joining Year 6 for ‘Trivia Time’ on Tuesday. It’s not quite the same as dropping into a classroom and catching up, but it certainly brightens my day to connect with the teachers and students and share their online experiences.

Thank you to the many families who sent through a ‘view from your window.’ 

Inspired by social media posts from around the world, I have complied with your photos, and some from outside our community. I did share them via Seesaw last week with the children, and they were thrilled to see the different photos and lovely comments which accompanied many of the pictures. It’s good to know that we are not alone or experiencing our new normal in isolation. 

Thank you for making an effort to share your ‘views,’ and I hope these photos bring some joy to you all. 

IB Learner Profiles Support Personal Growth and Understanding

Routinely students are prompted to consider who they are becoming as learners. 

As Woodleigh students, there is a strong commitment to respecting self, others, and the environment around them. The IB Learner Profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success. As students of an IB school, children frequently analyse the learner profile to assess their ability and contribution as learners and never more so than they are now, in their remote learning environments; they are all doing a great job! 

Body Safety Australia Parent Evening – Wednesday 26 August

Back in February to coincide with the student sessions presented by Body Safety Australia, we hosted a parent information evening. A small number of parents attended the evening to hear about the ‘Unique You’ and ‘Body Superstars’ Programs and learn about how to support body safety in the home. I am pleased to let you know that Body Safety Australia will be representing this information session via an online webinar on Wednesday, 26 August, from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm. I would encourage you to tune in, especially if you missed the meeting earlier in the year. 

Please find more information about Body Safety Australia's Parent/Carer Workshop here. Information on how to attend the workshop and a link to access the online presentation.

Here are links to a couple of great podcasts

The Imperfects (The Resilience Project)

With one of Australia’s most successful comedians, Ryan Shelton, and his very talented brother Josh van Cuylenburg, Hugh has put together a podcast, which is all about how perfectly imperfect we all are. Constantly comparing ourselves to others can not only be exhausting but extremely harmful. However, when we share our struggles, we start to realise that everyone, no matter how successful, has something they are battling with.

In this podcast, Hugh will be chatting to a variety of interesting people who will be bravely sharing their struggles and imperfections. Ryan will then join him to discuss some valuable takeaways we can all apply to our imperfect lives.

Aware Parenting Podcast

The Aware Parenting Podcast explores all elements of parenting from a developmental perspective. They explore why connection, attachment, and compassionately understanding our own stories as parents are the foundation of parenting with awareness.

Here is some information regarding the transition to high school during COVID-19.

To all Minimbah Families, be safe, resilient, and robust. Remember to practise Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness. Here at Minimbah, we are incredibly grateful for your support and understanding that we receive every day.

Deputy Principal – Head of Minimbah Campus