What a week!

What a week we have had! Thank you to the Minimbah Community for swiftly supporting the reintroduction of our Continuous Learning (remote) Program. The Minimbah Staff and I are very grateful that you willingly and openly work with us to ensure there is continuity of learning and experience for your children. It was, as always, wonderful to see the students' smiling and eager faces in the Zooms and to see the multitude and creative ways the children responded to the teachers' learning experiences. What excellent news it was on Wednesday morning, however, that we could return to face-to-face teaching on Thursday!

Best Wishes for a Great 2021, Year 6 

At the first assembly for the year recently, I presented our Year 6 students with their leadership badges. It's a special time for our Year 6 students. It marks the beginning of their final year as primary students and an opportunity for them and our community to reflect on their contribution as our student body's leaders. We wish our Year 6 students all the best for 2021. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews 

Our rescheduled parent/teacher interviews will be conducted this coming week, with some PSG meetings held during Week 6. If you haven't made time to meet face-to-face or via zoom with Class Teachers or our Inclusion Team, please head to our booking site here

Email Communication Request 

In our busy lives, we all appreciate the ease of email as a form of communication, but can I request all parents consider the timing and delivery of email communication to staff here at Minimbah. Unless urgent or critical, emails should be sent within regular working hours and during the working week. Most email applications can delay sending, which allows you to write an email but have it arrive in the recipient's inbox at an appropriate time. I appreciate your support of this request. 


Just a friendly reminder to support our uniform guidelines, black leather school shoes are required, along with the correct school socks. Please note, the grey hoodie is no longer an item of our school uniform. The only acceptable tops are either the rugby or school jumper. The black fleecy is part of the sports uniform only. 

Old Uniform 

If anyone has old uniform items (hoodies, green/white polos), please feel free to drop them into Reception. We collect them and donate them to Rotary, who distribute them far and wide. 

Drop Off and Collection 

Thank you to everyone for supporting our revised drop-off and collection procedures for Years 3 to 6 from the basketball court. The staggering collection in the afternoon has significantly eased congestion in Seaview Road and Minimbah Court, making everyone safer. Year 3 and 4 students and older siblings can be collected from 3.20 pm, with Year 5 and 6 students collected from 3.30 pm. Staff remain on duty until 3.45 pm. Systems are in place to support safety and traffic management. 

Always look on the bright side

Isla T from Foundation sharing her Zoom lesson with her horse, Spirit.

Deputy Principal – Head of Minimbah Campus