Who we are - year 3

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Term 3. The students are determined to get into their work and have started this term at full speed. It has also been impressive to see many of the students actively make the choice to utilise masks and hand sanitizer. Their efforts are appreciated, especially as we have had many absences in the class. Thank you to you all for making the difficult decisions to keep your children at home when they are unwell.

Key Dates

Note these dates in your diaries! Reminders and further information will be provided throughout the term.


August 1 Imagine Me Body Safety Sessions for Students

August 5 Homeless Youth Casual Dress Day


August 8 Pupil free day


August 15 Imagine Me Body Safety Sessions for Students

August 18 Year 3 Assembly

August 19 Pyjama Day


August 31 Minimbah production - The Little Mermaid day 1

September 1 Minimbah production - The Little Mermaid day 2


September 9 Mini Olympics


September 13 Grandparents' Day

September 14 to 16 Year 3 / 4 Camp at The Ranch

September 16 Term 3 Concludes


October 4 Term 4 commences

Term 3 Curriculum

Inquiry: Who We Are

Unit of Inquiry:

Who We Are - (One of the six trans-disciplinary themes that we use to structure each year)

Learner profile attributes/dispositions:

Principled, Thinkers, Reflective

Lines of inquiry:

An inquiry into…

What makes a positive role model

How role models influence others

How we can be positive role models

Key Questions:

Who are your role models?

What makes a good role model?

Are we influenced by our role models?

How can you be a positive role model?

The students are investigating these questions as part of a wider investigation into the influence of role models in our lives. As part of this journey of self-discovery the students will also learn about highly influential people from history. We will be looking at the attributes that make a good and positive role model and finding more modern examples. The units are partially shaped by the specific and individual questions developed by the student. The Year 3s will also be challenged to step up as role-models themselves and apply their new discoveries to leadership challenges throughout the term.

Beeswax Wraps

The students have started on their road to becoming role models a little early. The units of inquiry have connected wonderfully over the past few terms and the students are well on their way to change the way we manage waste at Minimbah.

As part of the Year 3 Kitchen-Garden programme the students made the decision to invest in beeswax wraps.


If you could support their initiative by helping to create some BeesWax Wraps it would be greatly appreciated. The students have enough beeswax to create over 100 wraps, but we simply do not have the oven space at school. If you are interested in supporting the program. We have the resources and instructions, and your child will be able to get involved!


Role models can be a big influence on our lives. Occasionally, they can use their place in our lives to try and convince us to do things such as purchase products or support a cause. This connection works nicely with our first literacy focus for Term 3 around Visual Texts. We will be investigating how the media use a range of text and visual features to persuade their audience. Alongside our unit of investigation, we will also continue our personalised approaches to developing the reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening skills of each individual student.


In Term 3, the students will look at number patterns and how they can be used to efficiently to solve multiplication and division challenge. By recognising repeating and growing patterns students will start to recognise how grouping numbers you can more quickly calculate simple expressions. We will move from patterns into arrays and see how times-tables support the solving of Multiplication, Division and more.

Other key topics this term will include a review of measurements to do with length and distance and making conversions. We will start our journey into parts of a whole (fractions, decimals and percentages), and looks the likelihood of events as part of Chance.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Parent Information Evening on Wednesday 3 August!

Year 3 classroom teacher